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Post-Partum depression is REAL.

21 Mar

Before Baby Key was born, “depression” was a word that was completely foreign in my vocabulary. I have a very bubbly personality and I considered myself a very positive, upbeat person. If you have ever met me, you know that I high five strangers and shamelessly use “jazz hands” when I talk. When I spot a friend across a room, I instantly throw my arms open for a big ol’ bear hug.

But in the few months since Baby Key’s birth, I have felt a lot less…”jazz hands-y.” It took me a long time to decide whether or not to write this, but since this is something I have been struggling with, I decided to tell my story. It is deeply personal but I am sure there is someone out there that can relate.

I will be the first to admit that I was completely overwhelmed with all things related to Baby Key. Sure, we went to the parenting classes, breastfeeding classes, and “what to expect” classes, but nothing on the planet truly prepares you for that day when you bring your little bundle of joy home from the hospital. No more nurses at the push of a button. No more hourly visits from doctors to make sure mama and baby are happy and healthy. You are on your own…and reality b*tch slaps you in the face.

Not me, but I've felt this pain.

The first two weeks of being home with Baby Key are a complete blur. On a nightmare scale of 1 to 10, I would absolutely give them an 11. He cried…and cried…and cried. It was terrible. We are not talking the normal “I’m hungry” cry or the “I need a diaper change” cry. This cry involved quivering lips, an arched back, fists clenched, and hives. Yes, he even broke out in hives. It was enough to send any sane person crawling up the walls. And it was incessant. 24 hours a day. He never stopped.

For weeks, I felt like I could do nothing. All I could do was hold him. Putting him down or resting him in a swing was not an option. Trust me, we have probably spent over $1,000 on swings, mats, swaddlers, and any other product to soothe a crying infant. None of it worked. We tried EVERYTHING. I could not go anywhere. I felt so trapped. The nurses on the hospital “warm line” even got to know the sound of my voice because I called so often begging for help. There were days that my husband left for work in the morning only to return home that evening to see me sitting in the same rocking chair, wearing the same clothes I had slept in the night before. I remember sending him frantic text messages pleading for him to come home and give me just a little bit of reprieve because I was just sure that if he didn’t my ears would literally start bleeding. On these days, getting a daily shower before 7:00PM was my crowning accomplishment.

As the weeks went by, everyone kept telling me things like, “Hang in there. It gets better.” or “It’s just a phase, you’ll make it.” While I appreciated all the kind words and sweet sentiments, I just could not see how things would EVER get better. Because they weren’t. As time went by, his crying and tantrums only seemed to be getting worse and more violent.

Things really started turning south around the 4-week mark. This was at the point where the typical “baby blues” should have started going away. Not only were they not going away, but the feelings seemed to intensify. There were moments when I was holding him, and he was in one of his fits, and I played out this scenario in my head…

What if I just put him down, walked away, closed the door behind me, and never dealt with this again?

I really thought I could not take one minute more of it. There were times that I would just look down at him and think, “Why did I do this? This was the worst decision of my life. I should have never had a child.” There were even times that I looked at him and thought, “I don’t even want him anymore.” And yes, there were moments that I even wanted to shake him.

Several friends of mine had babies right around the same time that I did. By this time, they were posting cute pictures of their kiddos smiling, doing fun things, or updating me that their babies were happily sleeping in their swings. While I was happy for them, it made me so angry. I tried really hard not to let it get to me, but it did. I sat there, fully convinced that my butt was permanently melding to the seat of the rocking chair, seething. Why couldn’t my baby be the “easy one”?

All of these thoughts brought on extreme guilt. After all, this is the child we prayed for, the child that we wanted so badly, the child that we were told we were never going to be able to have. And here I am, wishing him away. This was one of the lowest points in my whole life.

I will never forget taking Baby Key to his 6-week check-up. I walked in looking like death warmed over, holding my crying child. As soon as his pediatrician walked into the room and asked how things were going, I broke down completely. I totally lost it. I begged her to “fix” him. I must have looked so absurd, but I was desperate. I needed help…fast.

This was the point at which she expressed that what I was experiencing was beyond the normal baby blues. The first thing I thought was, “Oh great! Just add that to our list of issues to deal with” but it was true. Each passing day made me feel more and more detached from my child, exactly the opposite of what I “should” be feeling. It was also on this visit that Baby Key was diagnosed with a severe case of GERD. Though I was not thrilled at his diagnosis, being given assurance he really was crying more than other babies, helped me feel less crazy. Up until this point, I am pretty sure there were people in my life that when I told them, “He cries all the time.” thought I was exaggerating. This day was our turning point.

Not wanting to immediately start taking medicine, I started to see a therapist. Talking about my anxieties, fears about the future, and caring for a child with special medical concerns helped me take some control over my issues. After several weeks of counseling sessions for me, and a twice daily dose of Nexium for Baby Key, things started looking up. The sun seemed to shine a little brighter, the air didn’t feel as thick, and for the first time since he was born, I actually wanted to hold my son.

Before Baby Key, I did not really know much about depression at all…especially post-partum depression (PPD). Not that I did not think it was real (no Tom Cruise-like rants from me, I promise), but I just assumed that depression was for other people. I know that sounds awful, but it is just the truth. I never thought it would be me.

I have come to realize that having a bout of PPD does not make me crazy, does not make me a bad mother, and with time and honesty, can be dealt with in a healthy way. All it means is that it took me a little longer to get to that joyous I-want-to-smell-my-baby-every-second-of-the-day point than it did some other moms.

Now that we have turned a proverbial corner, I am starting to feel more and more like the “old me.” The changing season and warmer weather have helped us get out and do more so that I no longer feel so trapped and isolated. My husband and family have also stepped in to give me a little more time to go running, which does so much more for me mentally and emotionally than it ever did physically. And the best part is, I simply cannot wait to end my work day so that I can go home to my husband and beautiful baby boy…you know, to smell him and tell him I love him.

I say all this to let you know that if you are going through a similar experience, you are not alone. If you or a new mom you know has had or is having these kinds of thoughts or having a hard time bonding with your new baby, I sincerely urge you to ask for help. Speak up. People are there to help, I promise.

Please don’t suffer in silence.

There is no shame in admitting you need help and seeking out the necessary treatments to make you a happier, healthier woman and mother. The sooner mama gets better, the sooner everything gets better.

Baby Key’s First Race!

12 Mar

I had absolutely no intention of racing this weekend. I really didn’t, but…I did. And it was fun…really, REALLY fun.

Friday night I went out to dinner with my family (and some new friends!) and since I had no plans of racing, I enjoyed some empanadas and a margarita. It had been a tremendously long week and I was looking forward to sleeping in a little bit on Saturday morning. But then, the Race Monster bit me.


After dinner, I got a text from a friend reminding me that the Ozone Run 10k was happening the next morning in Covington, LA. The Ozone Run 10k happens to be the Louisiana State 10k Championship race, so knowing that there would be some good runners to watch, I started considering it. All of a sudden, I was trying to figure out how I could get over there the next morning to run as well. I knew my BabyJogger running stroller was out of commission, as it is in desperate need of a tune-up and a new front tire, so if I was able to make it out to the race, I would have to push Baby Key in the monstrous (read = HEAVY) Chicco stroller.

I knew there was no way the “touring stroller” would make it the full 10k, but my friend, who was the race director, texted me and told me that there was a 2-mile option for the race. I had not run “just a 2-miler” in ages and it seemed like the perfect distance for me and Baby Key. I asked my husband sweetly if he minded us going (under the guise that this would give him the chance to sleep in and have some time to himself, of course), he agreed, and we were set! Little Nugget must have known we had a big Saturday morning, because for the first time since he was born, he slept. My child actually slept…for 8 hours straight!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a champ! I quickly got kiddo dressed and we headed over to the Northshore. We got to the race early and had the chance to visit with lots of my friends. This was their first chance meeting Baby Key, so he was definitely Mr. Popularity.

At 8:00AM, I headed over to the start of the race to line up. You should have SEEN the looks I got lining up with that big freaking stroller. The glances said, “Ooooh no! She must not run much. Anyone who really runs would know you can’t run with a stroller like that!”

Yes, people, I know I looked like a moron lining up to race with the same stroller that I would take if we were going for a day-long excursion to the zoo, but I did not have a choice. It was the only stroller I had, so it would have to do.

The race started at 8:15AM and 2 miles and 22 minutes and 58 seconds later, Baby Key and I were crossing the finish line! The last quarter mile of the race was on a track, which was GREAT for us! I pushed it a little bit harder and we ended up being able to pass three people right at the end! 22:58 for 2 miles is by no means “speedy” but for pushing what felt like a load of bricks, I was pretty pleased with it!

So here it is…Me and Baby Key’s first race together….

Our first race together!

Even better? We placed 1st in my age group. Granted, it was not a huge race, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I will take it!

[SIDE NOTE: I do not, under any circumstances, recommend running with a big, fat comfy stroller. It was so hard and so heavy and SO hard to steer. Lesson learned…need to get my BabyJogger fixed STAT!]

After the race, we hung around to visit it with more friends that I do not get to see often enough. I did spend a long time chatting with my friends, Jodi and Betsy (who happens to be the Louisiana State RRCA Representative) and we made plans for a way to redeem ourselves for all having pulled a DNS at the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon. I will tell you about that later, but it is going to be fun!

Right before I left, I went over to introduce myself to Rachel Booth. If you do not know who Rachel is, just take a second to Google her. Her running resume is impressive, to say the least, and she was the first female finisher at the Ozone Run 10k. Her finish time qualified her for an elite corral at the Crescent City Classic 10k in a few weeks! She is such a joy to watch. She is such a strong runner and she makes it look completely effortless. I am really impressed with the way she balances having an outstanding running career, being a wife, and being a mom to two little ones. On top of all of that, she’s just nice…like sincerely sweet. It is always fun to meet someone who you look up to and find out that they are as genuine as you hoped they would be.

After the race, we headed home and spent the afternoon playing around the house and watching Dinosaur Train. Yes, folks, it is an exciting life I lead!

Did YOU race this weekend? How did you do? Did you run solo or with your kiddo(s)?

The Ebb and Flow of Running

8 Mar

Me and Running. Two steps forward. One step back. That is the little dance we are doing these days.

Back in the day, when I had “free time”…you know, before being a mom happened, my whole world was running and racing. I was able to keep pretty rigid training plans, knowing exactly what combination of miles/minutes running, cross-training, and strength training it would take for me to hit my targets. I was able to religiously count and catalog every calorie that graced my lips. Yes, once upon a time I was very, VERY dedicated to My Fitness Pal. And one of the greatest luxuries I had back then that I completely took for granted was sleep.

Oh, beautiful restful sound sleep, I miss you. We will be besties again…in a few years….maybe.

Until my life returns to some normal schedule (I say this like that is really going to happen. Is this naïve of me?), I will be content to be caught up in the ebb and flow of running.

Some weeks all the planets will align, my kiddo will get restful sleep (which means, I, in turn, will do the same), he will not spit up on EVERYTHING in sight (requiring me to spend my time doing endless loads of laundry), and I will get the “free time” to get in several regular runs and possibly some time on the bike (Yes, Running, I do occasionally cheat on you with Cycling). It will be these weeks where I think, “Hey, look at me, getting back in the swing of things!” I will get all giddy and whip out my race calendar faster than you can say “fartlek.”

Then the next week will come along, Murphy’s Law will slap me right across the face and say, “You didn’t really think I was going to let you get away with all that fun, did you??” It will be on those weeks that everything that could go wrong, will go wrong. Little Nugget will not sleep, he will spit up on everything in the house…daily, the dog will throw up on the carpet, there will be a massive wreck on the interstate (turning my commute home from one hour into two hours), and I will quite literally find myself with zero minutes left in the day for regular running. It will be on these weeks that I will consider my morning shower as the day’s crowning achievement. These weeks, I will feel like all the progress I had made before was all for naught. Perhaps I will even feel like I am backsliding.

And I am just going to have to be okay with it. I will have not let myself walk around my house all pissy-pantsing because I do not get to do what I want to do. Next week will be better.

Running and I started out having a love/hate relationship. Then it turned into a love/love relationship. We don’t get to spend as much time together as we used to. We still have this awesome lifetime bond thing going on, but right now, we just have to have realistic notions about what we can expect from each other. Right now, things are rocky, but I am confident we will work it out. We always do.

How do YOU feel about the ebb and flow of running? Have there been periods in your life where you can truly focus on training and then other periods where you feel like you just cannot get it together?

A Gut-Wrenching DNS

6 Mar

This past weekend I experienced my first-ever DNS. I really do not want to talk about it. While I did miss the race for a very good reason, I would be lying if I said I was not still pissy about it. I wanted this race. This was going to be MY race. All of the other races I had been a part of this year had been relays or shorter distances. This was to be my return to solo effort distance racing. But alas, it was not meant to be…

Here is how all of the events from the weekend went down…

Friday I arrived to the Ernest R. Morial Convention Center around 10:30AM. I went over and checked out the booth space for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series (where I would be working), finished getting it set up, and then headed over to the press conference at 11:30AM. I ran into some of my girls, Rivers and Heather!

@RivsHughey and me!

@runningwithsass and me!

After the press conference, I headed over to the booth to get ready for the circus. The doors opened at noon and there was a really, really long line of people waiting to get in!

There was a lull in the crowd for about 3.27 seconds, so I seized my opportunity to go and pick up my goods. EXCITED?? You bet I was!

After the expo, I hauled my tired body back to my car and drove back to Baton Rouge for the night. The drive is only about an hour, but it felt like DAYS. When I got home, I spent some time with my husband and kiddo, packed up all my stuff for the race on Sunday and shuffled my way to bed.

On Saturday, I was up and on the road at 6:30AM. The expo opened at 9:00AM, but I had a few things I needed to do before the doors opened. I still got there a little early, so I visited with Heather, whose Running Skirts booth had now been moved right around the corner from me! Woot! I couldn’t resist purchasing this little number…

Photo courtesy of

I spent the morning chatting with excited marathoners and half-marathoners, dancing to the old school tunes coming from the Sweaty Bands booth which was right behind us, and getting amped about race day!

At 1:00PM, I made my way over to the black and red balloon arches for the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon Social Media Mash-Up! It was a blast! I got to meet so many Twitter friends from all over the country! I love turning online friends into in-real-life friends! We all go super cute t-shirts and some Gu gels!

After the meet-up, I went back to the booth I was working. It got CRAZY on Saturday afternoon, y’all. CRAZY. I could not even begin to put an exact number on how many thousands of people I probably talked to. Every now and then, while I was talking with someone they would suddenly look at me as if a light bulb had just gone off in their head and they would say, “Hey! I read your blog!” and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Those people automatically got a high five and a big hug!

@RunRockNRoll, @Bama26point2, and me!

As the clock struck 7:00PM, the expo drew to a close and I was beat. Standing on your feet for two days in a row on a hard surface can really make your legs sore! I had no idea! Needing some grub and an adult beverage (or two), a couple of buddies and I headed off to Mulate’s for some fried catfish and other South Louisiana fare.

And this is where it all went south….

First, I exchanged text messages with my husband…

Then I texted my friend, Ann, who I was supposed to be spending the night with…

Then, I texted Brent back.

My husband gets migraines. Really, really bad (read = debilitating) migraines…headache, light chasers, nausea, etc. Pair that with a screaming, fussy, sick GERD baby and you have a recipe for disaster. And that, my friends, is exactly what we had on our hands. It was NO BUENO.

I know with all my heart that I made the right decision to not race on Sunday. But I just cannot seem to shake the “bummed” feeling about it.

This race was “my thing”…my one thing that I wanted to be really selfish about. I know this sounds ridiculous, but this was my thing that I did not have to share with my husband (as his wife) and I did not have to share it with my kiddo (as his mama). This race was going to be 100% my thing and I wanted to do it for myself.

And I suppose I would not be so antsy if I had another fun race planned and on the books. But I don’t. RnR NOLA was supposed to be my “big race” before I took a step back, refocused, got a new plan, and started training differently. However, now that I did not run it, I sort of feel like I am just hanging out there…not really sure what my next move should be.

Do I find another race to make “mine”? If so, how do I justify the cost and just WHERE can I fit in my schedule?

Do I scrap the idea of an immediate “redemption race” altogether and start a new training plan with a different goal race later this year?

I think I will sit down with a calendar today and look at what the rest of the year holds. There are some pretty big plans later this year (which I will divulge as soon as I can!) and I want to see what kind of wiggle room I can find in my schedule.

Sunday was spent mostly in the house, making Little One as comfortable as possible. Every time he took a breath it sounded like liquid was gurgling in his chest. While I was very concerned, he was not running a fever, so we decided not to take him to Urgent Care. Yesterday, however, we spent just about our entire day in the doctor’s office. After our first appointment with the doctor, x-rays were schedule to rule out pneumonia. Luckily, the x-rays showed no pneumonia and he was diagnosed with a serious (recurring) case of bronchiolosis. We were sent home with a breathing machine, which is now ours to keep. Lucky us! Nexium has now been bumped up to twice a day and albuterol breathing treatments three times a day. I know the breathing treatments are not the end of the world, but I am just so ready to have a healthy little nugget!

So, how was YOUR race weekend? What did I miss!?

Holiday Ketchup

26 Dec

WARNING: This is a long one…but I swear I tried to keep it as brief as possible!

Okay, so I am not really writing about holiday ketchup, but more like holiday catch-up. Although holiday ketchup sounds like a pretty interesting tomato-y holiday tradition, there will be not discussion of condiments here. 🙂 Since I have so much ground to cover with this blog, I am just going to give you a quick series of updates to keep from going all over the map. Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you have been following me on Twitter (And if you have not, what are you waiting for!? It is a party, y’all!), you have probably seen that I have been posting a lot about how hard of a time we have been having with Baby Key. My child cries ALL THE TIME. For a few weeks, I thought it was just regular newborn crying. However, when the crying became incessant…and the sleeplessness set in…I knew something was wrong. Newborns just could not cry THIS much. It just was not normal. This past Monday, I had finally had enough. After two full days of crying and no sleep, I had reached my limit. In tears, I called the pediatrician and begged her to work us in. After she examined him, she finally diagnosed him with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). While I am not thrilled that he has this condition, I am happy to know what is causing his fits so that we can work to make him feel better and happier.

At the suggestion of the doctor, we have changed his formula from Enfamil Infant Premium in the light blue container to Enfamil Gentlease in the purple container. While I breast feed during the day (actually I pump and then bottle feed the breast milk), we do supplement nighttime feedings with formula. The plan is to also feed him smaller amounts, more frequently. This feels like taking a step back but if it makes his temperament milder, I will absolutely do it. Also, he has been given a prescription of 10mg of Nexium daily. The pediatrician says every child is different, so he could grow out of it in two weeks…or several months. Sigh. However, in just the few days since he changed his routine, the situation seems to be improving. I am hoping that he will soon get to the point where we can put him down and not have him start screaming. We are doing our best to be optimistic!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Well, my friends, I am *officially* another year older…and maybe another year wiser? Ha! I wish! Last Monday, I turned the big 2-9. Once upon a time, I thought 30 was old, but, surprisingly, I do not have a lot of anxiety about approaching my thirties. Besides, 30’s are the new 20’s, right?

I did not really spend my birthday doing anything spectacular. In fact, it was anything but stellar. I try really hard to remain positive and upbeat, but I am going to have to be honest…my birthday sucked. Monday morning started out with a meeting with a lactation nurse who diagnosed me with candida/mastitis in my breasts (SO painful) and the afternoon was filled with a doctor appointment for Baby Key where he was diagnosed with GERD (see above). I spent the whole day in tears.

I had planned to drop my kiddo off with my mom for the afternoon and Super Husband and I were going to catch a movie and go for a bike ride. None of that happened because of the doctor appointments. After my kiddo’s appointment, I was so drained from the day’s events that we just went to my mom’s house…where I promptly proceeded to replace the my bummy feelings from the day with Swedish Fish, strawberry cake with vanilla frosting, and vanilla fro-yo with Magic Shell. A sugar hangover commenced promptly on Tuesday morning.


Super Husband and I are really looking forward to having some help while we are in South Carolina. His parents and sisters are itching to spend some time with Baby Key and this Mama Bear welcomes the break! I *need* it. While on holiday vacation, I am hoping to be able to run everyday. I realize that some people might think that my getting excited about running while on vacation is completely ridiculous, but forget them. They have not been cooped up in a house for 6 weeks!

My legs are begging to be moved!
My lungs are craving fresh air!
The pavement beckons the steady rhythm of my feet!

On Christmas Eve morning, I joined up with some old friends and my sister-in-law for a group run. It was so great so see my old running friends! It was really cold and I had a little bit of trouble (let’s just say that super cold temps + breast health issues = big time difficulty) but I did the best I could. I cut the route short because I was feeling awful, but hey, I was out there.

While in town, I also want to visit the local running and triathlon stores. There is a MUCH larger selection here than in Baton Rouge and I have got birthday money to spend! What should I get? Any suggestions?

I also want pick up a copy of a new running magazine, called Pace. My running buddy, Denise Bryson, just started it and I cannot wait to see the first issue. If you are in the Upstate South Carolina area, look for it! Oh and be sure to follow the mag on Twitter…@pacerunningmag!
My post-partum running has been going pretty well. I started out with a walk and when that went well with little soreness, I stepped up to running. Here is a little recap:
1. 1.50 miles – outside walk – neighborhood – Thursday 12/08/2011
2. 2.22 miles – inside run/walk – treadmill – Saturday 12/10/2011
3. 1.20 miles – inside run – treadmill – Friday 12/16/2011
4. 4.30 miles – outside run – LSU lakes – Sunday 12/18/2011
5. 2.25 miles – outside run/walk – downtown Greenville – Saturday 12/24/2011

On run #3, I felt light-headed and started getting tunnel vision. I definitely attribute that to poor nutrition. Whatever the reason, I felt it best to stop.

On run #4, I felt AMAZING! And guess what!? My guts did not fall out like I thought they would! Ha! It was also my first run with my new training buddies (more on that in a moment).

Run #5 was awful. I have been having some really big complications with breast feeding my son which have led to some breast health issues for me. In the last week, the cold weather and the friction from a sports bra have made exercising really uncomfortable. However, I think I have everything under control, so now I just have to wait for soreness to go away. Blech.

I know 5 runs in 2 weeks is not all that impressive, but it has been so hard to get away or do ANYTHING when Baby Key is having his fits. During his “witching hour,” Super Husband and I literally have to take turns with him in 15-20 minute intervals. It is exhausting. However, now that that issue seems to be getting resolved, I am hoping to be able to commit to 3-4 runs per week (one speed run, one tempo run, one long run, and maybe one fun run).

I am going to have to find some way to get my running in because I have races coming up and I need to start getting back into tip-top shape! That’s right…I am back, suckas! While I am not at all in the shape or at the speed I was pre-baby, I do feel ready to start entering races!

In early February, I will be joining 5 others in the Rouge-Orleans ultramarathon relay. We will be taking turns running legs with the total distance covered being 126.2 miles. The route is from Baton Rouge to New Orleans along the old Mississippi River roads (the roads used before the interstate between the two cities were built) and the overall elevation is negative. New Orleans sits farther below sea level than Baton Rouge, so here is a big WOO HOOfor running 126.2 miles downhill! I do not know the members of my team that well but I am sure that training together will give us the perfect chance to get acquainted. Yay for making new friends! I met the team captain, Amanda, while I was training for the Rocketchix Triathlon earlier this summer. I am really looking forward to this experience!

Team name needed! Any suggestions??

In March, I will be running the 2012 Rock N Roll New Orleans. I am currently signed up for the half marathon, but depending on how I feel after the Rouge-Orleans, I *may* consider running the full marathon. MAYBE. I caught a GREAT deal on the registration fee earlier this year. It was only $35! I ran the full marathon this year and loved the course. Can I do it again this year? Will I be ready?

In 2012, in the interest of saving money, I will probably do a lot fewer 5k and 10k races and focus on events that really challenge me…half and full marathons, adventure/mud runs, and maybe a sprint triathlon or two.

There are a number of other awesome events coming up that, while I am not running them, I am involved with in one way or another. I will definitely be present at these races, so if you are going to be there or if you are running them, please let me know so that I can say hello or cheer you on!

January 15: Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge, LA)
January 22: Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Gulf Shores, AL)
March 22: RRCA Certification/Training (Atlanta, GA)
April 15: Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Pensacola, FL)

On a side note, if you are looking for an awesome race in which to qualify for the Boston Marathon (BQ, baby! BQ!), please consider running the Louisiana Marathon! The course is incredible and it takes you through some of the most historic areas of our city. Plus, it is an inaugural year and it is always fun to run an event in its first year! Oh, and have you seen the race bling? HELLO!

In the last month or so, I have gotten my hands on some fantastic fall/winter running gear to test out. Some of this stuff is so unique and the technology is really innovative. I have already started wear-testing some of the gear and will continue to do so over the next couple of months. Lots of gear/product reviews are coming soon, so be on the look out! I will help you spend some of that holiday cash that I know will be burning holes in your pockets! Plus, there will be some fun giveaways so you will not want to miss that!

So, with all that, I’m off for a run! I hope the holiday season has been as good to you as it has been to me! This pretty much catches you all up from the last couple of weeks! I promise not to wait so long before posting again!! 🙂

How have you been doing? What have you been doing to keep yourself sane during the holidays?