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Perks of Not Working for THE MAN

4 Jun

As my time as an engineer draws to a close, I find myself getting even more nervous, excited, and anxious about our big move and my massive career change. I will spend today cleaning out my office and clearing off my work laptop. Reality is setting in big time. To keep myself from focusing on the anxiety associated with such big changes, I need to highlight some of the perks that will come along with my new position!

I am 100% serious about this. Throughout my college years, I experimented with many different colors of hair…some natural…some notsomuch. My favorite hair experiment was with the color blue. I absolutely LOVED it. As soon as I find a stylist in Greenville that I feel is capable of giving me such a dramatic color, I will be dying some (possibly all?) of my hair navy blue. Imagine comic book hair…looks almost black when inside, but is obviously a deep shade of blue when the sunlight hits it! Or maybe I’ll go with a lighter blue? Either way, I cannot wait!

This could be cool, right? Even though I’m almost 30?

Run at 6AM? Run at 9AM? Run at 11AM? Run at 1PM? Run at 3PM? Sure…why not! The perks of having a flexible schedule is that, barring important meetings and/or conference calls, I will be able to schedule running and workout time when my body is ready for it. No more awkward crack of dawn runs or runs in the dark of night…unless I feel like it. As I have said before, my body most enjoys running around 8AM but, like most people, I have always had to be at work at this time. In addition, if I want to take group exercise classes that fall during the daytime, my schedule will now allow it. Since I will be directing/managing/timing races, many of my work hours will fall on the weekends anyway, so I will not allow myself to feel guilty for taking a mid-morning run. I will have to get used to this, since I can tend to be a workaholic, but I am sure that it won’t be *too* hard of a routine to break into.

Oh yes, you read that right, friends! Mama is gettin’ herself a freaking treadmill desk! I need one of these…I mean NEED. And I don’t mean “need” like “want”…I mean “need” like I NEED food and water. Okay, so maybe the situation isn’t *that* dire, but I have wanted to have a job where I could utilize a treadmill desk for YEARS and I am determined to make this happen. With the expenses of a new house and moving so far, I don’t know how we are going to afford this yet, but trust me, I will make this a reality. Can’t you just picture me…planning races, making big stuff happen, all while burning calories and getting fit? That’s the ultimate in multi-tasking! I’d be able to keep the longest run streak EVER with a treadmill desk!

Photo courtesy of TrekDesk

Being an engineer, I had originally planned on crafting one myself, until I saw the TrekDesk. I still think I could design and make a pretty awesome treadmill desk, but I do not have time for those shenanigans right now, so TrekDesk it is! Now I just need to figure out how to pay for it…and pay for a treadmill. To that end…

ANNOUNCEMENT! I am now taking financial backers for katieRUNSthis! Ha! I kid, I kid. But seriously, if you have a wad of cash lying around and you want to help me invest in my health, I would be more than happy to let you buy me a treadmill and treadmill desk. After all, I just want to be like Bart Yasso when I grow up.

Photo courtesy of my friends @runhers!

As far as treadmills go, I think this one from Cybex is pretty fancy. Plus, it helps raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

I’m normally not a huge fan of pink…but it does support a great cause!

I also like this one from ProForm. I mean, with the Boston Marathon logo smack dab on the side, how could you NOT be inspired daily? Get me to Copley Square!

In all honesty, I will probably end up with a used one from a garage sale or Craigslist. There has got to be someone who is tired of just hanging clothes on theirs, right?

Do you have a job that allows you to not work for THE MAN? If so, what are your favorite perks? If you do still work for the man, what would you change if you could?

Wheels In Motion. UPDATES!

31 May

As I wrote that title, all I could think of was this… Man, I love me some Journey.

On our new jobs…
Well, it is really happening. The wheels are finally in motion and we are REALLY doing this. My husband left for South Carolina this morning. He starts his new job on Monday, so today was the day our little family parted ways. I know it is only temporary and, considering how hard we have worked for these opportunities and how long we have waited for everything to fall into place, being apart for a couple of weeks is a small sacrifice to make to be making giant leaps toward our goals.

I am so insanely bad with goodbyes and I usually avoid them when I can. I am one of those people that will offer quick hugs and “see ya laters”…all while acting completely unfazed by the whole situation. But later, when I realize that I am on my own, the loneliness sinks in. The time apart will be hard on both of us. My husband will be getting settled in at his new job and missing us, and I will be managing wrapping up my current job, making big move arrangements, and taking care of Baby Key. Luckily, Elvis (the most awesome miniature Dachshund on the planet), Baby Key, and I will be staying with my mom so she can help me in the evenings.

(If you are a new(er) reader, suffice it to say that Baby Key is a high maintenance child…who does not sleep…and he almost NEEDS two adults to care for him. If you think I am being dramatic or whatnot, you just come hang at my house for a few days.)

Things for my new job are coming along well too! Remember that “Super Secret Race” I mentioned a few posts back? Well, I can spill the beans about it now! This fall, I will be in Atlanta working on the inaugural Black Girls RUN! and AARP /Drive to End Hunger! I am absolutely thrilled to be working on this event with the dynamic duo, Toni and Ashley, and the rest of their team. There is so much about this event that I can stand behind: great group with a valuable mission supporting a wonderful cause! Registration is officially open and we hope to see you there!

On a new home…
We got a house! Let me say that again…WE GOT A HOUSE! Though the whole ordeal was an emotional roller coaster, we finally came to an agreement with the seller and we officially have a contract on a new home. Here’s is basically how it went down…

We found the house online. Judging from the listing, it had everything we were looking for: space (bedrooms for our family + 1 spare, an office area for me, music space for my husband, etc.), great location, close proximity to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and nice kitchen (I love to cook for my family!)…just to name a few. We scheduled a date to go see it…4 days after viewing the listing…which was the soonest my husband could arrange to get there and get a showing scheduled with an agent. Between the time we saw the listing and my husband was able to go and see it, an offer was made on the house. SUCK! Having already made the trip to South Carolina, my husband decided to go and see the house anyway. As you can imagine, after viewing it, he believed even more that this would be the perfect house for us.

We knew this house was at the high end of our price range, and, knowing the other offer on the table was probably still higher than our best offer, we sent in our offer anyway…along with this note.

We waited a day and finally heard back from the seller…they wanted to take the other offer. We were so disappointed. We had just lost the home we had really had our heart set on. Until…

We got a call the following day that the seller had reconsidered. They read our note again and had a change of heart! They said they really wanted US to have their house. We did a little back and forth negotiation and now we have a new home! We should know a closing date by the end of the day tomorrow and then we will make a firmer schedule for getting our stuff moved!

On the #RWRunStreak
The streak is alive! Today is Day 4 and I am still going strong! I know that 4 days is not really all that much to write home about, but with all that we have going on these days, I am pumped to anything I can commit to outside of work and moving.
Day 1 (05/28): 1 mile
*I worked all day and packed all evening. This was the best I could muster at 10PM.
Day 2 (05/29): 2 miles
*It was hot, hot, HOT. Still managed to push them out though!
Day 3 (05/30): 1 mile…walked
*I worked all day and then took my mom out to a celebratory birthday dinner last night. After food and a glass of wine, I was happy with a walk. Hey, I moved.
Day 4 (05/31): ~ 4 miles
*Mom is picking up Baby Key from day care today, so I plan on getting in a good run around her ‘hood. Woot!

The next few weeks will move every bit as quickly as the last few weeks. This transition will be…interesting!

I’m going streaking.

24 May

Oh, now stop it. Pull your mind out of the gutter right this minute.

Not that kind of streaking…run streaking! Woot!
Run Streak
With the release of yesterday’s big news, I find myself getting easily overwhelmed these days. I really do have a lot on my plate and if I do not take a little bit more “me time,” I really think I might just crack.

Wrapping up things at work, making sure we are staying on top of all the bills during this financial transition, finding a home, finding a new daycare for Baby Key, and packing up all of our stuff and moving 700+ miles (and I am sure there are some other big decisions on my plate that I am just not thinking of right now) creates enough stress that sometimes I think my brain might liquefy and ooze right out of my ears. Nice visual, yes?

The only way that I can manage this and keep myself sane is to keep on running. I know that some days it is easy to make excuses not to go run, especially when you do have really important things that need attention. I simply cannot “lose myself” in all this stress. If I do, I know it will eat me alive.

Starting on Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th), I will be participating in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak 2012. The goal is to run at least one mile per day from Memorial Day to Independence Day (Wednesday, July 4th)! That is a minimum of 38 miles in 38 days.

Totally doable, right? RIGHT.

This is just the thing I need to force me to make at least 10 “me” minutes each day. This is a solid, attainable goal for me during this super hectic time in our lives. Right now, any bigger commitment might be too much.

So you are going to join me, right? I thought so! All you have to do is run at least one mile per day throughout the duration of the streak. If you are on Twitter, keep all the fine folks at Runner’s World up-to-date on your progress by using the hashtag #RWRunStreak!

If you plan to do it too, leave me a comment and let me know!

Rant. Heat + Pregnancy Stinks.

3 Jun

DISCLAIMER: While today’s post does have to do with running, it also has to do with baby bumpin’ and the not so joyous things that come along with it. So if you are a dude that doesn’t want to hear about all this stuff, feel free to change the channel…now.

Today, I’m just going to get real with it and rant a little. Please bear with me.

Everything about running is hard now. I’ve heard so many women that are able to run their entire pregnancies, and at 4 ½ months along, I feel like I should be able to be out there, running along as usual.

It is painfully hot outside. Do you see this? I mean, do you SEE this? 103-freaking-degrees?? And it’s not even full-on summer yet. **sigh**

You have GOT to be kidding me...

Secondly, I swear that every 1 pound I am gaining feels like 10 pounds. I have never been this weight in my life and now I know why…because it is hard. I can feel it in my knees and in my ankles. Hell, I can feel it just getting myself off the couch. (And I know I am not by any means overweight or anything crazy like that, but I’m in a whole new decade now on the scale – a weight I’ve never seen before – and I’m having a hard time dealing with it.)

Lastly, my boobs are OUT.OF.CONTROL. I was not exactly flat as a board to start off with and being pregnant has only exacerbated my “condition.” I started out at a 34D and things have only gone downhill (uphill??) from there. They hurt. They are heavy. And they get in the way. Every sports bra is either too tight to where I can’t breathe or gives me blisters. (Oh yeah, just add THAT to the list. No, thank you.)

All these impediments make me not WANT to run. Yes, I said it. These days I just don’t feel like running. (Insert gasps and sounds of utter shock here. I know, right??)

In my head, I really, really want to. I really do. I want to be outside, sweating, and pushing myself until I nearly throw up. I know that sounds awful, but I love that feeling of pushing myself HARD. I love the next day when my legs are all sore and I can feel that the muscles in my core and back have been worked. Being pregnant, I just can’t do that. I just can’t push myself that far. I have worked REALLY hard over the last two years to get in (what I felt like) was pretty good shape and this was going to be my year. Alas, next year will be my year.

I am trying really, really hard to change my attitude and think more positively. I even started a run streak for National Running Day to help keep me motivated. In two days, I’ve only managed to go 4.25 miles. IN TWO DAYS. Ugh. These days, I feel like I almost need to line up a running buddy for everyday of the week, just to keep me going.

And, on another note, when I got pregnant, most of the women I know where like, “Oh, you’re going to LOVE being pregnant!” or “I wish I was still pregnant! I miss it!” Hello? Are these women smoking crack? Right now, there is nothing that I am “loving” about being pregnant. Does that make me a bad momma-to-be? I hope not, because I am just being honest. Don’t get me wrong, I would not give our little Nugget back for all the gold in the whole wide world, but I’m just not taking to all these “womanly changes” that come along with him/her. Heartburn? Constant runny nose? Swollen EVERYTHING? Uh uh, you can have it.

I’m sorry I’m being all complain-y today. Its just one of those days.

Any advice on getting out of my funk from you other baby bumpin’ running mamas-to-be or from moms who have been there?

National Running Day and Hurricane Season are here!

1 Jun

I don’t know if I got a good night’s sleep, if the funk that had taken hold of my nasal cavities is finally going away, if these new prenatal vitamins are sitting better on my stomach (the old ones made me nauseous), or if I really am getting that second trimester energy I’ve been reading about, but HELLO WORLD…this little mama is up and moving and HAPPY today!

Today is National Running Day!

For someone like me, that means today comes right after Christmas and Halloween (respectively)! Okay, so maybe I would put my birthday right before it, but either way, it’s definitely up there!

I have decided to celebrate National Running Day by starting a run streak. (A run streak is where you see how many days in a row you can run without missing a day.) I have never done one before since I have always heard that running everyday without breaks can be bad for you. But, since I am running so slowly these days, I think I will be okay. The only rule I am setting for myself is that for it to “count” the run has to be a minimum of one mile. I am excited to get started tonight! I have even got one of my #RunLA peeps (@thisJeff) on board too! Won’t you join us? (If you decide to, leave me a comment to let me know! You know you want to…)

If you are looking for other creative ways to celebrate, be sure and check out 10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day for more ideas!

In more “Debbie Downer” type news…it is also the first day of hurricane season. Boo. The NOAA promises an above average season in activity, so I guess its time to start getting the supplies ready. As we have seen from hurricanes in the past **coughKATRINAcough** it is super important not to take these things too lightly or to underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Please keep in mind that I am not just talking to the Gulf Coasters out there! This includes everyone all along the Atlantic as well. Please be prepared.

Here are some good sites for tracking hurricanes or getting ideas on the types of supplies you and your family might need to stock up on:

1) Do you plan on celebrating National Running Day? If so, how?
2) Do you live in an area where hurricanes are an issue? If so, how do you get ready?