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Sky rockets in flight…afterNUUN delight!

25 Apr

I have good news and bad new for you today. Which one to you want first? The bad news? Okay.

Bad News: I am NOT becoming the fifth member of The Starland Vocal Band. (Super sad face)

GOOD NEWS: I was selected for Nuun’s 2012 Hood to Coast Team!!! HEYO!!

The big announcement came at 2PM PST yesterday and as soon as I clicked on their site and saw my name…I freaked!! I am SO amped, y’all! I made it!

So much good stuff is going to come out of this experience, I just know it! I have so many thoughts and questions and ideas…I don’t even know where to start! So many of the other running bloggers that I follow and talk it up with on Twitter will be there. I simply cannot wait to put faces with names…and, as always, I love the opportunity to turn online friends into in-real-life friends! Plus, I have never traveled to the Pacific Northwest, so I am super jazzed to see (and run in!) a different part of the country!

In the meantime, if you want to check out my teammates and see what they are up to, you can check out their blogs at the link above or you can subscribe to the list on Twitter that Dorothy made!

START: Friday, August 24, 2012 (Mt. Hood, Oregon)
FINISH: Saturday, August 25, 2012 (Seaside, Oregon)

These dates work out perfectly for me.  By then, I will have “graduated” my TurboFire program and I will be feeling strong!  YES!  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be getting more details about the event and I will be sure to share them all with you!

Have you ever run an ultramarathon relay before? Have you ever run Hood to Coast before? Got any advice for me about the race or about the Pacific Northwest, in general?

TurboFire/Shakeology Program: Initial Reactions

24 Apr

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post

Yesterday afternoon I raced home to pick up my TurboFire/Shakeology Challenge Pack! I was like a kid in a candy store and I may or may not have actually done a happy dance when I had the box in my hands!

Want to know what I got? Here is a quick intro…

Note: The weighted gloves were not part of the challenge pack. I ordered these separately. This is an accessory that is also available through Beachbody. I wanted to really get my arms toned, so I will be using them with the TurboFire program.  You can find them in the Beachbody store under “TurboJams Gear.”

As soon as I got everything out of the box and set up on my table, I got down to the business of taking my “before” photos and recording my beginning measurements. While I know that taking before photos and measurements is an essential step, the whole process made me cringe. Shedding my shirt, standing there in from of the camera in my running knickers and a sports bra…Oh Lord, I felt gross. And then I started taking my measurements.

The last time I took my measurements was a couple of years ago when I was being fitted for a bridesmaid dress. At the time, I was working out regularly and I was pretty proud of my numbers. Yesterday? Yeah, notsomuch. Seeing the numbers written down in my notebook made me tear up a little. It was a stark reminder of how much my body has changed and just how much work I have to do to get it back where I want it.

I had a pity party for a minute or two and then reminded myself that the only thing I can do is what I am doing…focusing on healthy eating and an exercise program. Diligence! Persistence! I have to keep reminding myself what the end goal is…fast, fun, happy running! I want to be a joyous, strong runner again!

Initial Reaction of Package Contents
It seems that Beachbody has given me all of the tools to be successful. In addition to the DVDs and resistance bands, there is ample literature explaining the methodology of the program, why HIIT training is so effective, and how to monitor your nutrition throughout the duration of the program. I didn’t have time to read all of this last night, but I plan to do so today. I want to follow the nutrition program as well so that I can truly maximize my results.

Initial Reaction of First Workout: Fire 30 Class + Stretch 10 Class
It took me a whole 2.7 seconds to fall in love with this workout. Once the DVD was in, absolutely no time was wasted jumping into the workout. This is good for me. I need something I can get in, work out, and get on with my day. The Fire 30 Class was about 35 minutes long and I TOTALLY feel like I got a good workout. By the time it was done I was dripping with sweat and I moved muscle groups that I haven’t used in SO long with just running. The Stretch 10 Class was a great way to wind down and the focus on stretching out the arms and rotator cuffs was a nice change. The rotator cuff is a body part that I rarely stretch out and the DVD serves as a good reminder that all parts of the body need attention. Today, I am feeling “good sore.” I am not so sore that I feel like I can’t do anything, but I am sore enough that I really feel like I worked hard. This is a phenomenal feeling! That slight soreness means I am triggering muscles that I hadn’t been in previous workouts and this is EXACTLY what I was hoping to achieve from this program. I am already looking forward to this evening’s workout! Woot!

Initial Reaction of Shakeology: Chocolate
After my workout, I went inside to make my first Shakeology shake. Normally, I will be drinking this for breakfast, but since it had not arrived until yesterday evening, I made it my dinner. Let me say this…I am really impressed with the way this stuff tastes! Although you can mix it with other things like skim milk, almond milk, etc., I just mixed it with tap water since I was kind of in a hurry (mama duties were calling!). The taste was really good and very chocolately. The best part? No weird chalky or powdery after taste. I have tried several other protein/nutritional shakes including EAS AdvantEdge (Rich Chocolate), Big Train Fit Frappe (several flavors), and Spiru-Tein (Chocolate). This product, by far, has a smoother texture and better taste, though I will say it compare most closely by taste to the Big Train products. I look forward to trying some of the shake recipes that were included in the package!

This morning, I made another shake and ate an apple. I have not felt this full after an “on the go” breakfast in a really long time! I am excited to see the long-term effects of the Shakeology program. If you are interested in learning more about just the Shakeology, you can check out their website or YouTube it to see personal results videos.

(Side Note: I will put it out there that I did sign up to be a Beachbody coach…mostly for the discounts. Hello? Who doesn’t like to save money?? However, if you are interested in trying anything from Beachbody, it would be cool if you ordered it through me. No pressure, but if you have any questions or want to order anything, you can always e-mail me.)

So, that brings me to today. I’m going to spend some time today really understanding the nutritional guide and making a grocery list. I want to stock my refrigerator and pantry with all of the right things so I have no excuse not to make healthy eating choices. And like my friend, Kristyn, suggested…I plan on shopping from the edges of the grocery store as much as possible! I also want to plan out meals that work for ME, as some of the recipes suggested on the plan include ingredients that make me gag.

As always, I will be blogging this whole journey. That way, if it works and I have crazy good results, I can remember exactly how I got there! In the meantime, I will be using MyFitnessPal to log my daily meals, water intake, and what not. If you are on there, add me as a friend! You can find me under username “katiemkey”.

In other (equally EXITING!) news…Nuun is announcing the women they have selected to participate in the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay teams! There will be three all-female, all-blogger teams and I really hope I make the cut! I heard about this last year via other bloggers I follow who participated. The experiences they shared were incredible and it looked like so much fun, so I wanted to make sure I got my name in the hat for this year. I submitted my entry a few weeks ago and I have been anxiously awaiting the announcement. The selected members will be announced today at 12PM PST! Fingers crossed! I have never been to that part of the country and I have never run Hood to Coast before and I feel like this would be an experience of a lifetime! And to represent an awesome company like Nuun? Yes, please!

What’s happening in your world today? Are you mixing up your workouts? Are you trying any new products that you like and think I should check out too?

It’s time for a full-body overhaul.

23 Apr

So back when I was pregnant, and I was expressing my fear of losing the weight post-baby, my family and friends did their best to keep me optimistic by telling me, “Oh, you are so active! That weight will just come right on off.”

That, friends, was a lie. Genetics are against me.

I worked my tail off losing the weight before and I knew it would take that same feverish diligence for me to do it again. However, this time around, I don’t have 2-3 hours each night to spend at a gym and I don’t have 1-2 hours to prepare a meal, eat, and clean up. I am also at a new job, where my commute is much longer, drastically cutting into my exercise time at night. Oh, and I have a baby now…which, in itself, changes EVERYTHING. I know I have mentioned at least a dozen times how he *still* doesn’t sleep at night. These sleepless nights are putting me in this vicious cycle of being tired, half-assing my runs/workouts, and going through the motions of the day like a total zombie. I thought that at some point I would just get used to it, but no luck so far.

Needless to say, with all of these chips stacked against me, the weight isn’t falling off.

I am trying so desperately to stick to my #c210k running plan. I have been sticking to it, but the enthusiasm just is not there. It has started to feel like an obligation, and I hate that. I feel like I am in such a losery rut and I need to bust out of it. Like yesterday. For me, running was most fun when I felt like I was really, really pushing myself in every race…finishing with times I was proud of, feeling strong and feeling that “good burn” in my legs. I am just not there anymore and I want to be there so badly.

My legs are not as strong as they used to be. Pregnancy packed on serious weight on my thighs and I now have more junk in the trunk than I ever have in my whole life. When I look in the mirror I think I look alright, but then I see myself in photos and I **CRINGE**.

In addition to regular photos, my recent race photos completely make me shudder. I know no one looks “pretty” while they are running, but I am talking about my form. My whole body is off. No wonder running feels wonky, my form is TERRIBLE. And I know exactly what it is going to take to correct my form…stronger legs and a stronger core.

I can keep running and running and running, but I will never be where I want to be without stepping back and focusing on my foundations. Sadly, I am not one of those naturally lean people where just running will get me back into shape.

Taking this all into account, I decided I needed something that met the following criteria:

  1. FUN. If it isn’t fun, I won’t do it.
  2. A plan with proven results.
  3. Not extensively time consuming.

What did I come up with? TurboFire and Shakeology.

I heard about this program when I was pregnant and I remember telling my husband then, “I need this! I want to do this after I have the baby!!” The infomercials (yes, infomercials) made it look so fun and it looked like a program that I could totally get down with. However, like most of these programs, it was expensive, so I didn’t order it.

Now I have realized that what I am doing isn’t working and I need the help.

Wanting to make sure this program was the right fit for me, I started doing my research. I started with YouTube. I watched about a million videos and I felt like I related to every single woman in every single video. The majority of these women are moms who, after having children, felt like they couldn’t get in the groove again. One lady’s video really resonated with me. After being unable to lose the weight, she stopped wearing cute clothes, stopped putting on make-up, and stopped caring much about her appearance. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I have turned into. Watching this video made me cry. I immediately thought, “If she can do it, I CAN DO IT. I just have to want it bad enough.”


This was one of my favorite videos…made by a fellow Katie…

After talking it over with my husband, I broke down and I ordered the combo pack with the TurboFire exercise program and the Shakeology nutritional supplement. And now I am like a kid in a candy store waiting to get started! At this moment it is on the FedEx delivery truck making its way to my house and I simply cannot wait to get home and get started on it tonight! I have never been this excited about starting a new program EVER.

So, for now, I’m going to cut my running down to one to two times per week (possibly throwing in a third run on the weekend if one of my friends wants to get together) and focus on dropping pounds and losing inches.


I know that if I can just start getting some of the inches off, I will feel so much more confident in my running clothes and I will want to run more…and harder and faster. I know to some people this may sound completely ludicrous, but this is how my brain operates. I need to do whatever it takes for me to regain my confidence. I am confident that TurboFire, coupled with a healthy diet, will show me some results.

And before I move on, let me just say this…I KNOW I AM NOT FAT. I am not going to sit here and say, “Oh, I’m so fat. Woe is me.” because I know I am not fat. But I AM soft…and squisy…and I hate it. I am not looking to get all beefy and lean like Jillian Michaels (who, by the way, kind of scares me). However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a better version of me…and I am ready for it.

In addition to getting down with TurboFire, I have also decided that I need to take better care of my skin. Since Baby Key was born, my skin has been broken out and I look like I have the face of a teenager. Thanks A LOT, hormones. I have tried everything, even worked with a dermatologist, and nothing seems to be working. This, coupled with the weight I cannot seem to lose, has really been doing a number on me. I feel like I am withdrawing socially and I avoid every camera that I see. This is SO unlike me.

To help me get control over the skin issues, I ordered Proactiv. I resisted this for SO long, but again, after reading about it and seeing undeniable results with others’ skin, I decided to order it. It arrived last week and I used it for this first time this morning. We will see how this goes.

With both the TurboFire/Shakeology and Proactiv systems, I will be taking before photos and recording before measurements (in regards to the TurboFire). At the end of the program, or possibly at milestones along the way, I will post photos, videos, and new measurements, keeping you updated on my progress. I know that posting the “before” photos will be mortifying because I know what I look like now, but I am hoping that my “after” photos will be so amazing that I will not even care.

I know it sounds like I have become the 1 (800) Number As Seen On TV Queen, but I promise you that I have not been paid to endorse or promote these programs. These programs were paid for 100% out of my own pocket and the future results and comments on the program (whatever they may be) are completely my own.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “This has got to change NOW”? What did you do? What was your tipping point?