This is me on May 21, 2004, the day I graduated from college.

May 21, 2004. Not good.

May 22, 2004. Not good.

On the outside, I was a happy, fun-loving engineering graduate ready to get out there and conquer the world! On the inside, I was unhealthy and horrified with what I saw every time I looked in the mirror.

When I was in college, I took between 18 and 21 hours every semester, worked a full-time job, AND worked another part-time job on campus. Needless to say, I was very busy and eating right, getting exercise, and getting enough sleep were definitely NOT high on my priority list. I was doing good just to get homework done, study for tests, and make it to class and both of my jobs showered and with matching clothes. Papa John’s and Doritos seemed like such better “late-night brain food” than salads and fruit trays. Living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t even on my radar.

After I graduated from college, I moved to South Carolina. Working full-time, I suddenly found all this free time. (You mean that after 5PM I get to just go home and do whatever I want until I go to sleep?? SWEET!) At this point, most people would have taken this opportunity to start an exercise plan, get into a healthy regimen, etc. Nope, not me. I took this opportunity to be a party girl and sow the wild oats that I didn’t have the time to in college. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty.

Over the next couple of years, I fell into a bad relationship that only made my situation worse. I often found myself going out to bars with my friends and drinking my evenings away just to avoid being at home. And, of course, hitting up Jack in the Box on the way home. I call this point in my life “drunkorexic”. I lost a lot of weight, but I was smoking, and drinking, and binge eating. I was in no way healthy and strong. I was unhappy with where I was in life and clubbin’ it up with my friends every night helped me forget that for a while.

In mid-2007, my life changed drastically. I finally got out of this bad relationship and got into a place of my own. All of sudden, I was alone. I hadn’t been truly alone in years. It finally forced me to take a look at my life. I realized that if I wanted things to change, I was going to have to make it happen! Being an avid supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, I was always involved with Race for the Cure and Breast Cancer 3-Day events. I had always envied the people who could knock out this 5k with ease, so I decided that’s where I would start. I was going to be a runner. At this point, saying that in my head still made me chuckle.

Around this same time, my company was getting together a group of runners to compete in a year-long corporate running competition in the city I lived in. I immediately signed up to be the group Captain. I have always been good at motivating others and what better way to be held accountable! We got points for every team member that showed up to a race and even more points if a team member placed in his/her age group!

Having no direction, having never heard of Jeff Galloway or Hal Higdon, and having no friends that were into running, I just started hitting the treadmill. This running thing was hard, y’all! But, I persisted and before long, my walk/jogs turned into jog/runs! Signing up for the occasional 5k kept me interested in the sport and going on my 2 times a week jogs.

Just as quickly as I seemed to find running, I also found the greatest man in the world. He encouraged me in my running efforts from the very beginning and (dangerously) supported my addiction to the sport. Brent really understood me and seemed to appreciate how I was trying to help myself. And he, too, was a runner! Lucky me! He was one amazing guy and I’m so blessed to now call him my husband!

In January 2009, my husband’s friend, Denise, started the Saturday Morning Run Group. We would meet every Saturday morning and run a 4-mile loop around Furman University. A weekly group run sounded like the perfect idea to help continue my motivation and to keep me accountable on a weekly basis. After all, who wants to be the one slowing the whole group down?

About a month in, on maybe our third or fourth week meeting, I woke up one Saturday morning to 17 degree ICY weather. This native Louisiana girl doesn’t do cold weather, and she especially doesn’t do ICY weather. But, I layered up, and dragged my Michelin-man looking body out to Furman University.

I braved the weather because I was a runner! Amazingly, it happened to be the first time EVER that I made it the whole 4-mile loop without stopping. It was incredible…cold, but incredible!

This is where my running addiction really started. This is when I started taking myself and my running more seriously. I started envisioning myself as a runner. I wasn’t just a girl who ran, I was a runner! The more I told this to myself and to others, the more I believed it. I traded in my old generic sports store sneakers for a “real” pair of Sauconys from a running-specfic store. I started reading about the sport. I made more of an effort to get involved with the running community in my town. All of a sudden, this community that I always felt was so elite and athletic and something I would never be, was something I was a part of! Everyone I encountered was so supportive and willing to offer any advice I was willing to accept. They were like “just add water” friends and it was awesome!

In 2009, my 5k time was 37:59. Yes, you read that right. Over the next year, heeding the advice of my new running friends, cross-training, and eating better, I got to a 5k PR of 27:30. In addition, I managed to lose 25 lb and go from a size 10 to a size 4/6. In 2010, I decided to feed my addiction and I quickly moved from 5k’s, to 8k’s, to 10k’s, to half marathons. I still tell people that the 5k was my gateway drug. After all of this, I realized that I had never felt better or happier in my whole life.

Running had become so much more than “just running” for me. To me, running meant making new friends, being active and healthy, being thankful for the beautiful outdoors, and relieving stress in a healthy way. Running now meant being happy…something I hadn’t been in a long time.

In January of 2011, we moved back home to Baton Rouge, LA. While I was excited to be back near my family and friends, I knew I would miss my running friends. I now shared a bond with them that my old friends just didn’t understand. My old friends now saw me as turning into this “crazy running girl” where my running friends didn’t think anything of it because they were “crazy” too.

In February 2011, I conquered my first (of many future) marathons. If you had told college Katie that in a few years, she would be running a marathon, she would have laughed you out the door. But I did it. And if I can do it, you can too. You just have to have the drive and the patience to train. I have learned that at the end of the day, it’s about lacing up your shoes, getting outside, and putting one foot in front of the other. That’s really all there is to it.

February 13, 2011

Now that we have been living here a few months and I finally feel like I’m getting my groove back. Things are settling in, and I’m gearing up for a great year of running. I have jumped in on a few group runs in town and am starting to meet other like-minded running folks. It’s always nice to know people have got your back when you need that extra little push.

In this blog, I hope to share things I’ve learned from people that run faster than me, things I’ve learned from people that run slower than me, advice that I’ve received or given, tips on my favorite gear (over the last few years, I’ve spent A LOT of money on gear…just ask my husband!), race/route reviews, and all kinds of other running/fitness things! And, now that we have recently found out we are expecting a baby in November of this year, I’m sure there will be some humorous momma-to-be running experiences thrown in the mix as well! I hope you enjoy it!

Never forget that YOU CAN BE A RUNNER! You just have to try! How bad do you want it?
This is what a runner looks like!

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  1. RunBimma at 6:19 PM #

    Your about section is amazing! I love reading and learning about the different journeys that everyone goes through. I love this part, “To me, running meant making new friends, being active and healthy, being thankful for the beautiful outdoors, and relieving stress in a healthy way. Running now meant being happy…something I hadn’t been in a long time.”

    I think you have a start to a great blog. Keep it up!

  2. Din at 3:29 PM #

    Enjoy reading your blog and stories about your running journey.
    Really like the “Running gear junkie”; I am so with you. There are so many amazing brands out there.

    • katieRUNSthis at 3:32 PM #

      Thanks for coming by and commenting! I am a TOTAL running gear junkie. Just goes to show you that you don’t have to be in the “elite” class of runners to be interested in cool new shoes, apparel, etc. I’m a total gadget girl…so why would I be any different when it comes to running stuff? 🙂

  3. happytalesblog at 7:48 PM #

    Ahhhh I LOVE the story behind you, Katie!!!! Seriously, you are *so* inspiring!!! And you know what’s crazy?! I went to school at Furman for undergrad — I can totally see why you were able to get out there in that icy weather for your 4 mile run… it’s such a gorgeous campus!!

    • katieRUNSthis at 7:58 PM #

      Aww, thank you, Allison! Sometimes I feel like my story isn’t that special since I haven’t lost a million pounds, run across the Sahara, or conquered cancer. But, my story is my own, and I am what I am. 🙂

  4. Jessica at 3:55 PM #

    Hello! New follower here, also from Louisiana! Your “about me” was very inspirational. I am looking forward to following your posts!

  5. Heather at 9:56 PM #

    just stumbled across your blog, wanted to say hi! I am from Mandeville, Louisiana. 🙂 You have a great story. I have run the mardi gras half the past 2 years. Maybe we walked right by each other and didn’t know it! 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 5:20 PM #

      You are from Mandeville? Welcome! Always happy to find other runners from LA on the web! I’ve dropped by your blog before too…not knowing we were so close! Hope you swing back by soon!

  6. Jonathon Springer at 9:52 PM #


    First, congratulations on your marriage and new life adventure!

    As a former friend (by circumstance of not being in close proximity, not by foul act… for your readership), I’d like to say I’m a reforming runner… Some of which I can say is with your inadvertent prodding! I’ve been following your blog since you started posting on Facebook, and it’s been quite fun. You have a lot of different perspectives to give your readers.. As someone who really seems to love running, I’d like to get some advice… I ran a lot during high school… A LOT!!! It was my life… Every single day. I couldn’t get enough… AND I was good!!! But then I graduated, then I got hurt. I took a few years off from running, did a number of other activities (weight training, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking). I tried to get back into running, but found running wasn’t i my soul anymore. Couple that with the fact that I could only make it 2 weeks before my ankles hurt so much I could hardly walk (no specific injury, just extreme joint pain – also not doctor diagnosed – just like a lot of other athletes, I have an aversion to doctors!). I didn’t know what to do! So, I gave up the dream of running… I did this kind of in the same way I gave up being a good soccer player… I figured out that I was a much better kayaker and hiker than I was a runner (especially easy since I couldn’t run!). That said, I’m a really good kayaker… REALLY GOOD! It’s in my blood way more than running ever was. But I do see myself missing it, especially as a viable cross-training activity. I’ve bought some new shoes, and I’m starting to run again, with limited success. I’m just not having fun anymore! I’ve gotten used to covering distance and finding neat and interesting things in the wilderness areas outside my home. I don’t see those when I run.

    So, here’s my long-awaited question! How do I make running interesting again?

    I can still tell I have the mental fortitude to run when I’m on a long hike with a heavy pack and keep on pushing myself, but I can rarely make myself push out 2 miles… OK, rarely is maybe an understatement! I don’t think I’ve pushed out 2 miles since I’ve tried to start running again! That’s not to say that I’ve been doing small workouts… People ’round here know me for doing 13-15 miles with a 50lb pack over Middle Georgia Hills (admittedly not much of hills, but nothing to scoff at when you’re really tired!) in 102* heat and not saying 1 foul word! I may have said a few foul words, but that’s hearsay!

    So, here’s where I think I am. I have gotten used to interesting workouts. It is way more interesting to ride 20 miles through Georgia wilderness than it is to run 3 miles through your normal neighborhood or even hog infested river bottoms if you’re more adventurous. Unfortunately I have recently lost access to most of the areas that I was able to work out in. I have started interval workouts to give myself small goals that I can meet (like run hard til 3 telephone poles up, then sprint 2 more!), but I still don’t feel like I am having fun working out like this. I’d be fine simply not running, but if I don’t that means I can’t really do much during the week. That, and my ridiculous job, make it difficult to stay in shape, not to mention happy (endorphins are a very good part of my diet!).

    So, long story short, what suggestions, if any, do you have for making running interesting again? I’m having to start slowly because of my ankles, but my body remembers the high-intensity workouts and cadence of at least a 6-min mile. I just don’t know where to go or how to cope when i can’t do what I used to do. It’s like a quarter-life crisis (I’m expecting to live to 112!)!

    • Craig Sweeney at 6:14 AM #

      HI Jonathon,

      If I may chime in here knowing that your post was for Katie. Hi Katie, I have a funny story for later on the 6-7 month Pregnant Momma that passed Mignon ar the Mardi Gras Marathon back in 2004.

      I myself ran at a slightly competitive level in High School and after a few years of Javelin in College, I lost my mojo. I do like to run, but I have to have a target or goal. I had a difficult time running 2 miles about 10-11 years ago. I was OUT OF SHAPE, about 225 lbs. That was not huge, but my wife looks back at pics and jokes, who was that guy?

      I decided to start running again after watching a video of Rick & Dick Hoyt and it got to me. (Google the Hoyts) I was about 210-215 after running some and realized that I’m not built to run everyday. I found a book/program that suggested incorporating some cross training into your routine: swimming, cycling…maybe kayaking?

      I ran into a high school buddy that puts on Triathlons and he asked me that if I didn’t have anything better to do, that he could use a few more Volunteers for one of his races. This was 2009 at the RocketChix Triathlon and that did it for me. I signed up for the Sandestin Triathlon in August of that year and started training more.

      I’ve read several articles about “Runners” that have become better “Runners” via Triathlon. Some hate to admit it, but it’s true! I will confess, I love to swim. When I was a kid, I loved to ride my bike. I mean, who didn’t? I was pretty pumped about being a Clydesdale (Triathlon division for Men over 200 lbs), and I had to switch my division in Sandestin because I dropped to 195-200.

      Sandestin was a blast! I was in the Gulf swimming/racing and I kept telling myself while in the water looking a fish, I’m in a race? I got on my bike and I had a huge smile on my face. I have done a few more Tri’s and look to be at Sandestin again this year.

      You should come and cheer Katie on on July 30th at RocketChix. You may not get into Triathlon, but I have to have something to fuel my competitive drive. I think you do as well! You dont have to run everyday either!!


  7. Jonathon Springer at 12:17 PM #


    Thanks for the advice! I’ve actually started looking at races to go to around here. Home is now in Middle Georgia, so it’s doubtful I’ll make it to RocketChix though. There’s a fair bit of interest in adventure races with some of the guys I work with, so I may get into that. The first race is August 6th. I just have to find a team! And there’s a lake around here that is supposedly open for triathletes to train for open-water swimming! From the looks of it I’ve got some options that will at least be interesting. There’s even a trail race this weekend a little over an hour from here. I’m going to have to check it out and see if I can get my heart into this again!


  8. clarissa at 9:13 AM #

    Katie! LOVE this about section. Thank you for sharing so much and for encouraging me on my journey too!


  9. Bob at 1:43 PM #

    Hey, really great blog post… I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy you put into each post. I actually run AceHealth.org, a blog of my personal research and experiences. If you’re interested, I would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail: bob.mauer65(at)gmail(dot)com, and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. Verovel at 11:38 AM #

    I love your blog! I’m a runner too and just started my own blog. It’s in spanish, but it’s mainly pictures so you might want to come visit some time 🙂 loqueveomientrascorro.com (which means “what I see while I run”)
    Happy runnings!

  11. arzu at 7:38 PM #

    Hi Katie!! I came across your blog via Klout blog and I am in love with it now 🙂 I am a runner-to-be. I discovered the beauty of running last year, started with walk-run and gradually achieved 5K, even once i did 10k. After a break that I had to give,I struggled to start again. It is so frustrating to see that I am not where I quit. but I decided not to give up and now building up again! it seems that I’m gonna drop by here often coz your story is so inspiring! and the last thing,I’ll move to LA this December(now in Europe), may be we can meet there in person 😉

  12. Kelli Webster at 12:57 AM #

    I somehow found you on twitter and just now took the time to find your blog as well. 1- It’s good to put a face with the twitter name! 😉 (I’m @fumby_girl, btw) 2- I’m glad that I’m not the only one who kind of stumbled her way into running. I did my first 5k May 1 of this year and have been hooked ever since. I can’t say that I’m fast or even that I’m really a runner, but I’m GETTING THERE and that’s what counts. I’ve since taken 45 minutes (yes, that’s right, *45 minutes*) off my 5k time. Of course, 5 months later, I’m closer to jogging it instead of walking it like I did the first time and I’m even training for my first half marathon in April. I *might* even do a half triathalon next October (SCARY!). I’m still trudging my way through things, but I can honestly say that running really does do things for me that nothing else does. Looking forward to what’s head for me!

  13. Tanci Foster at 5:20 PM #

    You sound like me! I ran in High School and off and on afterwards. Just this past year I decided it was time to loose the weight that I gained from being unemployeed and depressed. My husband bought me a Garmin watch and I started. Signed up for my first 5K and now have 3 under my belt and 2 5K obstacles courses. My goal is a half marathon, I run daily and cross train with P90X (basically for the arms and abs). I have signed up for my first 5 miles on Thanksgiving day and I am looking to sign up for my first 10K. One step at a time. I am definantely running further than I have ever ran! Just keep running right? Though I do not have a “training plan” and should get one…

  14. Penny G at 4:03 PM #

    Hi Katie,

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    I truly hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and share it with your readers and fans.

    (PS: Sorry for posting this in the comments. I didn’t see an email address on your blog. Feel free to delete. I always prefer that people only post if they are interested.)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Greg S at 9:40 AM #

    Amazing story Katie! It looks like you’ve taken quite the journey the last few years, an I’m sure that you have helped inspire others along the way! Congratulations, keep it up!

  16. jamier262 at 9:53 PM #

    Hi, I found your blog through your article about the Louisiana Marathon via NOLA.com! I live in Ft Polk and am training for the Mardi Gras Marathon. I wasn’t able to sign up for the one in BR, but I’m so happy to hear that it was a great race. I definitely will put it on my list for next year. 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 10:15 PM #

      Hi there! Thanks for reading!! Have you ever done a Rock N Roll event before? They are really well done also! RnR NOLA will be MUCH bigger than the Louisiana Marathon but it will be really, really fun! How is your training going?

  17. Jamie at 8:56 AM #

    This will be my first marathon and my first RnR event! I’m very excited for it. I wanted to train for a marathon before it gets crazy hot. I’m training with one of Hal Higdon’s plans and it’s going well. Each long run is tiring, but exhilarating too. So glad I found your blog for inspiration!

    • katieRUNSthis at 9:59 AM #

      Hal Higdon’s training programs are superb! I have used his plans for training for just about all of my distance races. His plans are approachable and the way he works you up through the mileage is not overwhelming. I would always look at my workout (even if it was a super long run) and think, “Okay, I can do this.” Thanks for stopping by! I hope you keep reading!! 🙂

  18. Erica @ CajunRunner at 7:54 AM #

    Hi Katie-
    I recently found your site and love it! I have run off and on since 2009. I have done several festival 5K’s. I usually place in my age group. Well that was when I was in the 25-29 age group! I’m now 31 and have decided to run RnR Nola Half!!!! I’ve been running 7-8 daily with speedwork at least once per week. I’m from around the Lafayette, La area and would love to get more involved in running. Finding your website has inspired and pushed me forward. Just thought I’d let you know you’re a great inspiration to follow! If y’all ever need a running buddy in BR with your running groups…I’m in! Not much around this area…(or they are running 6 or 7 min. paces…I’m not quite there yet for long runs!!! Will you be in Nola for RnR? Congrats on your new baby…I’ve got two wonderful children. It’s a challenge, but they are such blessings…teacher, mother, runner..I’m so blessed!!! It only makes us stronger!

    • katieRUNSthis at 9:53 AM #

      Hi Erica! Thanks for coming by and thanks for commenting! How exciting that you are running the RnR NOLA half marathon! I will be there too! In fact, there will be a large group of my running friends out there, so you will have to join us! I did the full RnR last year, but having just had a baby, I feel like the half will be enough of a challenge. Will this be your first half marathon? How have you been training? 7-8 miles daily is really impressive. That’s some serious mileage! There are several ways to get involved with running in Lafayette. Let me do some research and I’ll get back to you!!

      • Erica @ CajunRunner at 7:52 AM #

        Hey Katie, thanks for responding!! This is my first half, I am nervous some days…but when I finish up on my long run days I feel much better and more confident that I can at least FINISH!!! I just want to make sure I finish this one, then maybe I work on my times after that! I have lowered my mileage this week to 5 miles daily with a rest day and 1 speedwork day to mix it up a bit. I started Hal Higdon’s plan but truly I have just recently (within the past 3 weeks) really started focusing on the Half and “training” per say. It’s probably not the smarter way to do things, but we’ll just see how things go. I know Lafayette has CajunRoadRunners Club and Geaux Run…but I’m afraid they will leave me in the dust! I tend to do long runs between 9-10minute paces and 5 miles around between 8:30’s and 9:30’s. I would hate to get out there and make someone feel that they have to stay at my pace if they are all running in the 7’s. Am I thinking too much into this? I don’t know…but thanks for looking into some things for me and you have been my motivation. I know I can run and basically I can run pretty well. It was the motivation I have been lacking lately and finding your blog has been wonderful. I love seeing pictures of the races and the running groups you are in…(i’m jealous..LOL) And I guess you being so close to home helps me to. It makes me feel like…”I CAN DO THAT TOO”!!! Well, I’ll be in NOLA in March, would love to meet you! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!!!

  19. Ray Charbonneau at 4:48 PM #

    I’m the author/publisher of two recent books on running. I would love it if you were to read my books and mention them on your blog.

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  20. Crusoe Running at 2:51 AM #

    Great story, great site.

  21. artistrybyadele at 2:28 PM #

    LOVE this!

  22. 2chickschallenge at 8:25 PM #

    What a great running store you have Katie. It is so refreshing to read such an inspiring store. I am slightly jealous that you live in LA. I lived near New Orleans for a year after Katrina and miss the south so much. I am excited to start reading your blog and following you along on your running journey.

    • katieRUNSthis at 8:18 AM #

      Thank you so much! I really need to update it soon to include what having a baby has been like and bring it up-to-date! Thanks for following along!

  23. RunningFarce at 2:47 PM #

    Another running engineer! That’s exciting. I’m glad I found your blog – looks like you’ve got some really cool stuff coming up!

  24. Katie at 12:29 PM #

    Hi Katie! I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! All of the information is in my latest post: http://runinspired.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/. I chose you because I have loved reading about your passion for running and your life as a running mom. I think you’re such an inspiration for so many people! Keep up the great work!!!

  25. Navy Wife Chronicles at 8:48 PM #

    Found your site through Pinterest. Love your story! After 3 5Ks, I am enjoying running like I used to in junior high when a 2 mile run five days a week was nothing. At this early point of my new addiction, I care more that I crave running 4 days a week than my time… for now!

    🙂 Alma

  26. Nancy at 1:25 PM #

    I just found your blog through pinterest. While reading this I felt like I was reading my own story. So many similarities! I have never been a runner but currently have participated in several 5ks. I have signed up for a 10k in September and have started Hal Hidgons training plan. I’m struggling now but finding your blog and others keeps me motivated! I look forward to following your blog and for more motivation:)

  27. Katie Oliver at 7:55 PM #

    my name is katie, i live and go to school in greenville, sc, and i’m a beginner runner! i’m doing my first half marathon in february. it was just by chance that I found this blog and it’s like we have the same life! haha, so crazy! you’re an inspiration, hope I can be as accomplished as you! 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 1:37 PM #

      Awesome! Do you run with any groups? What half marathon are you training for in February?

      • Katie Oliver at 9:35 PM #

        nope, it’s just me for now. i’m doing the disney princess half marathon in orlando!

  28. Mireya at 11:54 AM #

    I love your “about me” section. So much of what you say is
    similar to my story, with the exception of the drinking and the
    partying :o) I started this crazy business called running last
    April 2012 after seeing the *BLING* that a friend had gotten from
    doing the Tinkerbell half marathon at Disneyland. I HAD to have a
    Tinkerbell medal of my own. Mind you, I had never run more than a
    mile my whole life. I enrolled in a running academy and trained for
    my first 5K, then 10K, and I did my first half- the Tinkerbell
    half- this past January!! I love to run and those that don’t, don’t
    understand it. You are very inspirational…thank you!

  29. alligill at 2:17 AM #

    Wow, as a fairly recent college grad who’s just getting
    into running, I’m SO glad I found your blog! It’s always nice to
    have reminders that it can be done.

  30. Elizabeth Manna at 9:47 AM #

    Hiya! Read this post yesterday, signed up for my first 5k
    (the Color Vibe in Gulfport, MS in October) this morning! eeeep!!!
    I’m SOOOO not a runner. As a matter of fact, I was told last year
    after finding out that I have osteoarthritis in both knees (at 35
    for pete’s sake!) that I might not be able to ever run a 5k. I
    don’t care. I’ve always wanted to run and now is the time for me to
    get my butt in gear and start training. Thank you for your
    inspiration! p.s….my hubby ran the Rock and Roll with ya in 2011

    • katieRUNSthis at 5:48 AM #

      That’s awesome! Way to give it a try anyway! Definitely be cautious of your knees and take good care of them, but definitely keep at it! Enjoy the journey!


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