Dear Beautiful Girl On The Run…

29 May

This morning, I saw this incredible letter posted on the facebook page of my local chapter of Girls on the Run. It really spoke to me about what it means to encourage other runners, but also, what it means to encourage our youth to run and be active. It also spoke to me about the joy of running and the way it makes us feel…despite our chubby legs and non-six pack abs. I couldn’t NOT share it with you, so I hope you get as much from reading it as I did. Happy running!

“The story behind this…A girl was volunteering at a marathon mile 13 water stop…a runner passing by asked her if she was a ‘Girl on the Run‘. When the girl replied yes – this is what she received.”

Mandy Mayer, you are awesome!

8 Responses to “Dear Beautiful Girl On The Run…”

  1. Brianna at 11:18 AM #

    That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing Katie.

  2. lifeisarun at 11:39 AM #

    Wow, that is so awesome! Thank you for sharing that! Also a reminder of how inspiring just the smallest of things can be!

  3. Jody at 12:13 PM #

    Mandy Mayer Rocks!

  4. Carrie at 12:33 PM #

    Precious. And just so you know, you inspire me! 😉

  5. Ann @ Twelve In Twelve at 12:45 PM #

    Totally made me cry at my desk today. LOVE!!!!

  6. Caroline at 2:07 PM #

    this is wonderful! what a thoughful person she is..made me cry. thank you for sharinng this

  7. triing2survive at 10:21 PM #

    Wow!!! That is SO inspiring and amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! It definitely made me cry, and I’ll be sharing this with everyone I know. Thank you for sharing with us.

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