Today’s Awesome Factor = 11

29 Sep

Why should my day stop at 10, when it could go all the way to 11? (BIG MASSIVE UPS if you get the Spinal Tap reference.)

Today has ROCKED. I mean, really. I have not had a day this great in a really, really long time. With all that I have going on professionally and personally, the stress had literally pushed me to my limit and I was glad to have today to take a step back and let my brain get refocused. I needed it.

First thing this morning, I stepped outside to take my pup for a quick walk. I swear it was *almost* cool enough for long sleeves. My day instantly started off on a good note! I am so dadgum desperate for cooler temperatures that even the mere hint of them on the breeze makes me smile from ear to ear.

After a quick breakfast of 2 eggs, a bowl of pineapple, and 1 cup of my fave Trop 50 Pomegranate Blueberry juice, I shimmied into my running wogging clothes and headed to the LSU Lakes to meet Stephanie. By this time it had warmed up a little but it was still shaping up to be a beautiful day!

Stephanie is a long-time Twitter friend and we finally got the chance to meet up today! I absolutely love turning my virtual Blogosphere/Twitterverse friends into in-real-life friends. Her blog is also one of my daily reads and you should definitely check it out too!

After that, I had to run to GNC to get some new GNC Mega Men vitamins for the Mister. The sales lady mildly annoyed me when she asked me TEN TIMES if I wanted to by a GNC card. I said no politely the first 5 times, but she insisted on telling me how much I would save today (blah, blah, blah…just give me my vitamins, lady!), and I finally had to be like, “Look, I JUST want the vitamins, and that’s ALL.”

Next up was some impromptu quality time with my mom spent shopping for baby things. There are still so many practical things we need and with time slipping away, we have to just keep picking things up little by little. People have very generously given us SO many clothes, but we were still in need of some of the basics like a bottle warmer, baby bath tub, etc. And, coincidentally, the new Babies R Us in our city opened TODAY! I love, love, LOVE going into stores when they are first open. Everything is so new and shiny! Plus, they advertised that the Grand Opening was tomorrow (even though they technically opened today), so the store was virtually empty! It was like having the whole store to myself! No other crazy pregnant ladies to deal with! Woot!

Before heading home we briefly ducked in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target. It was a good thing I was starting to get a little tired because I could easily waste a million hours and just as many dollars in both of those stores if left to my own devices.

On a side note…I saw these gems at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Mark my words…you will NEVER catch me in a pair of jeans. I do not care how comfortable, how cheap, or how (fill-in-the-blank) they are, I am of the mindset that these are just unacceptable. I love me some As Seen On TV goodness, but between this product and the Add-A-Button gizmo, my line in sand is drawn. If your clothes are too tight, you don’t fix the problem by making them bigger or stretchier. You fix the problem by watching what you eat and exercising! (Stepping off my soapbox now…)

Arriving home, I sat down to quickly check my e-mail. It is a good thing I did!! I got an e-mail saying my new Brooks Running PureProject PureGrit shoes had arrived and were ready to be picked up!!! EEEEEK! This was all it took for this tired lady to catch her second wind. I literally grabbed my purse and rushed out the door. It was not until I was all the way outside…across the driveway…and into my car before I realized that I had NO SHOES ON. For reals. It had occurred to me that I had just had a total pregnant-lady moment. Maybe I was so darn anxious to go and get my new shoes that I forgot to at least throw on my flip-flops?? Yeah, we’ll go with that!

As soon as I arrived to my favorite running store, Varsity Sports, I got my hands on these beauties…

Seriously, they are awesome. I cannot WAIT to get outside in them!

So, that sort of brings me to right now…making dinner as quick as I can so that I can eat, let the food settle, and then put in a few light trail miles in my new kicks! I plan on getting in another light trail run in the morning and posting a full review of the PureGrit shoes tomorrow! I promise you that you will want to run out (pun intended?) on Saturday and get them! Yes, I am THAT confident.

Aaaaand, I’m off to the races, my friends!

How was YOUR day today? Have YOU had a great day?

4 Responses to “Today’s Awesome Factor = 11”

  1. DawniesLife at 5:03 PM #

    Glad to hear you had such a great day. I for one, love jeans. But not stretchy pajama jeans… I think you are totally right, if you need jeans to stretch more and be more comfortable then you should probably do something about that other than buy a new pair of pants that promise comfort and extra room! I also LOVE those shoes. Keep us updated how they work out!

  2. running on faith at 8:05 PM #

    so glad you had such a great day and thanks for mentioning me and my blog! Just think, before long baby key will be here and we can meet to go for runs around the lakes! So excited for you and hope you enjoy have some time off before baby key makes his arrival!

  3. runharrietrun at 3:32 AM #


    Nice to hear that you had a fabulous day. We have to appreciate those when they come around, because it sure doesn’t happen that often 🙂

  4. runharrietrun at 3:33 AM #

    Oh, and the day just started here in Deutschland, and nothing overly awesome has happened yet. But perhaps it will 🙂 (Ahem…BABY….)

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