Running/Fitness Apparel for the Mama-To-Be

24 Sep

I get asked more and more often these days about maternity activewear and what I feel comfortable exercising in now that my body has changed so drastically. I think the population of pregnant exercisers is significantly growing and it is definitely a challenge to find dri-wicking apparel to keep up with our expanding mid-sections.

When I found out I was expecting, I tried scouring the internet for maternity running/exercise apparel. Surprisingly, a lot of articles just suggested I wear my husband’s one-size-larger t-shirts and just “make do.” I was so disappointed. I hate working out in 100% cotton. The heat and humidity in South Louisiana makes cotton a terrible choice for activewear.

I knew that my belly would be expanding disproportionally from the rest of my body and I wanted some clothes that would be able to keep up with the change in my measurements. After all, NOT running, walking, or exercising to some degree throughout my pregnancy never really crossed my mind. As with running pre-pregnancy, I felt good exercising in technical apparel that was both functional and attractive, and I knew I would want that same feeling once my baby belly arrived. Was this really too much to ask?

Well, it took a little research, but I think I have found the best of the best in maternity running/fitness apparel! Here are the items that my bump and I are rocking these days…


Curve Back Tank

This shirt FEELS so good. The wider straps really helps keep The Girls in and still. The ruching on the sides provides a nice fit and truly grows with you.

V Front Capri

These pants are super comfortable and do not fit terribly snugly at the top. When running, I feel like the slip down ever so slightly, so I use them mostly for walking and yoga.

Colorblock Long Pant

These are the best. I wear them almost exclusively for yoga. However, they are certainly cute enough to go run errands in after class.

For Two Fitness

Running for Two Tank

I love this shirt! I ran my first triathlon at 26 weeks in this tank!

Yoga for Two Tank

I just got this one a couple of weeks ago. The thinner straps are super comfortable and the built-in bra is VERY helpful for keeping The Girls still when doing all those yoga moves!


Oxford Maternity Skirt

This is a pretty standard running skirt but the extra tummy panel helped make me feel more secure with belly bounce and kept me from having to wear my other shorts and skirts pushed down under my belly…which hurt.

Reebok for A Pea in the Pod

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Drawstring Maternity Tank Top

I just loved the print of this top! As with the top above, the ruching on the side grew with my belly and the built-in bra made me feel more comfortable. Oh, and did I mention that it is on SALE right now?

C9 by Champion for Target

Seamless Babydoll Tank

I actually bought this top in every color they sold it in. I have it in the teal, purple, and black. The link for this item is no longer active on their website, but it is still available in both Target locations in my city. If you like this item, you may want to check your stores soon before they sell out completely.

Running Skirts

Mums Midnight Maternity Fitness Skirt

Very coincidentally, all three of my babydoll tanks from Target make for super cute pairings with this skirt! The FULL tummy panel really gave me extra security on my runs…especially when I got farther into my late second/early third trimesters. I got lots of compliments on it!



The FITsplint is an unbelievable product (my full review of it here)! During pregnancy, my ability to run/exercise literally changes from day to day and some days I feel like I need more support. When I do, the FITsplint is the first thing I reach for. Sometimes I even wear it to work just for the extra support.

There you go…my favorite mama-to-be apparel must-haves! For the most part, I have stuck with solid colors so that I could mix and match and maximize my outfits. I have tried to purchase wisely and get the most bang for my buck. However, when you work out 5 days a week (or more), this means you just have to wash them more often. For laundry care, I wash all of my pieces in Gain Apple Mango Tango liquid detergent with no fabric softener. I think hang-dry all of my pieces to do my best from degrading the fabrics/materials.

I hope this helps all of the mamas-to-be out there! Happy running! …and happy SHOPPING! 🙂

8 Responses to “Running/Fitness Apparel for the Mama-To-Be”

  1. Yes! I love this! Thank you so much!

  2. Katie Heddleston at 8:11 PM #

    This is such a helpful post!! I can’t wait until I start showing and pick out some new workout clothes 🙂

    I already have two champion tanks, that hopefully will still fit (worried about the chest not fitting).

    And I can’t wait to buy one of those running for two tanks!!

  3. Gemma at 9:01 AM #

    Thanks for posting this Katie – I’m 27 weeks pregnant and my workout clothing options seem to be getting smaller by the day! I’m definitely going to head to target to see if I can get those C9 tops, and I went and ordered a half-price black terry hoodie from that fitmom2be website, so thanks for the heads up!
    I don’t know if you are in need of running shorts, but FYI I LOVE these:
    They are not maternity, but are incredibly comfortable and stretchy with loads of room for an expanding belly – the waist band doesn’t dig in at all. I’m about to buy my 3rd pair lol.

  4. mickiruns at 8:10 PM #

    LOVE THIS. While you would think that with #2, I’d know what I was doing… but thank you for this link!

  5. Erika at 4:45 PM #

    im not expecting, but that running for two purple tank is beyond adorable!

    • katieRUNSthis at 10:17 AM #

      Ha! Thank you! For Two Fitness makes super cute stuff! That tank makes me feel sassy and certainly sparks conversation!

  6. I have those SAME tops from Target! Are they not GREAT! I went back and bought every color too. 🙂 Good stuff Katie. My biggest issue has been finding a sports bra that really works with the major boobage baggage.

  7. erin at 10:28 PM #

    Hi Katie! I love your blog! Question: Did you find the BornFit or Running Skirts skirt more supportive? I’m only going to splurge on one, b/c I’m already at week 24, and only able to handle running 2-3 times a week at this point. Thanks for the advice!

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