2011 Baton Rouge Zoo Zoom 5k

28 Aug

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Yesterday I got to run with the animals at the Baton Rouge Zoo’s 2011 Zoo Zoom 5k! I first heard about this race last year, but unfortunately, I heard about it after the event. Everyone who ran it spoke so highly of it, so I knew I had to make sure and sign up for this year.

Running through a zoo has been on my running bucket list for a while and I am so glad that I finally got to cross this one of my list! I love unique or theme races! Being 30 weeks pregnant means setting race PRs is pretty much out of the question, so instead I am focusing on doing fun races that I might or might not normally would have signed up for otherwise. Plus, I was easily convinced to sign up for it since lots of my #RunLA running buddies were going to be there as well! This was definitely a family event and I look forward to pushing Baby Key in his running stroller at next year’s race!

Running through the zoo was a hoot! (No animal puns intended!) The Baton Rouge Zoo is a smaller zoo, so the course was a double loop which did partly include the parking lot (not the biggest fan of that). Thankfully, most of the route was shaded though. It was not as hot yesterday morning as it had been the last several days (or, at least, it didn’t feel so hot to me) and with the shade, the sun seemed bearable. The part of the route that actually went through the zoo was so fun! It was early so not ALL of the animals were out, but I did get to run beside hippos, zebras, elephants, and orangutans! I really wanted to see a giraffe, but they were not out yet. (You can’t win ‘em all, right?) 🙂

I really enjoyed running through the zoo and would definitely consider another zoo run. I hear a lot of bigger cities do these types of races. Of the ones that I have looked into, I think Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo and the Cheetah Run at the Cincinnati Zoo both sound like really fun (and big!) races!

Seeing all these bigger cities with large zoo runs makes me wonder why the New Orleans Audobon Zoo doesn’t have a zoo run. I have not been to the Audobon Zoo since before Hurricane Katrina but from what I hear, it is doing really well and the zoo is thriving! Besides, couldn’t a zoo run be a good fundraiser for the Audobon Institute and a fun event for the City of New Orleans? Hmm…my wheels are spinning now…who can I get on this project… 🙂

And just for funsies…here is the start of the race. Yep…that is me…STILL running…at the back of the pack. 🙂 (0:43 marker)

Have YOU ever raced through the zoo? Did you get to see lots of animals? What was your experience like?

13 Responses to “2011 Baton Rouge Zoo Zoom 5k”

  1. Tara Burner at 9:30 AM #

    I “think” the Miami Metro Zoo here does have a run (around halloween or christmas –i think) but not sure….hmmmmm guess I’ll go ck into that, sounds fun!

    • katieRUNSthis at 1:55 PM #

      Oh, I bet the Miami Metro Zoo is a big zoo. If they do have a zoo run, I bet it is a big one!

  2. I’ve never run through a zoo, though that seems like a really fun idea! I did do the 5K through Epcot this past January which was really fun because all of the Disney characters were posted throughout the course to wave at us and cheer the runners on. I really loved that race!

    • katieRUNSthis at 1:56 PM #

      I have never run in a Disney park but I have always wanted to. How could one not stay motivated while high fiving Mickey, Pluto, and Donald Duck the whole way!? 🙂

  3. Courtney (@CeeDuze) at 9:35 AM #

    This sounds like so much fun! I know that the Pittsburgh Zoo has a walk and some other charitable events, but I’m definitely going to look into a possible run. 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 2:02 PM #

      I hear the Pittsburgh Zoo is nice! Definitely check and see if they do a zoo race!

  4. Megan at 11:41 AM #

    What a fun idea! So glad you had a good time. You look great! I ran the Gator Dash down here in Houma.. 2 mile race.. felt good to be at a race again!

  5. Sarah@100CalsPerMile at 12:47 PM #

    I ran the run for the wild 5k at the Bronx zoo last year. It was cool to see all the animals and the post race refreshments were really good. The bad part was that it was billed as a run walk and there were too many people who didn’t line up properly. The zoo has tons of hills and people kept getting in front of my jogger! It was annoying and frustrating. But we got to stay at the zoo all day 🙂 so I guess that makes up for it.

    • katieRUNSthis at 2:06 PM #

      I hear the Bronx Zoo is AWESOME! I mean, after all…its the Bronx Zoo. I have never been to New York, but when I go, the Bronx Zoo will be on my hit list! It sounds like there were a lot of people at that zoo run. Do you know how many?

  6. An Audubon Zoo run would be awesome because you add a few miles with the path through the park or along the Fly. Whenever I go back to NOLA, one of the first things I cross off my to-do list is a run Audubon Park.

    • Katherine at 3:15 PM #

      The YMCA’s Corporate Cup used to be a 5k around Audubon/the Fly with festivities afterward in the zoo. I agree that the best way for them to hold a run would be to do at least part of it outside the grounds. Would be fun!

  7. Nicole at 4:20 PM #

    Looks like a super fun race!! Good for you for racing!!

    Our zoo has a relay race in October- that would involve me finding people who want to lose because I am so slow now!


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