Running Bucket List, Part II

24 Aug

If I sat down and listed out every 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon, or triathlon that I wanted to race, my list would be a mile long.  Seriously!  Imagine Santa’s List…that’s what I imagine it would look like…a long scroll that, once unraveled, would roll down the hallway like a runaway roll of toilet paper.  Nice visual, yes?

Over the years, I keep adding to my list as I come across unique events whether it is special due to location, theme, race swag, distance, etc.  Since there are so many on the list, I figured it would be best to release them to you in small doses. 🙂  To see the first installment, check out the Running Bucket List, Part I.

And without further ado…

Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati,OH)
26.2 miles – Road Race
The Flying Pig Marathon is held the first Sunday of every May.  There are several reasons that this race appeals to me.  For starters, you can use your finish time to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Secondly, the course changes from year to year.  Essentially, you could run this route nearly every year and experience something different!  Lastly, I hear the expo is outstanding! 

World’s Best 10k  (San Juan,Puerto Rico)
10k (6.2 miles) – Road Race
The World’s Best 10k is heralded as one of the 20 most competitive races in the world.  In addition to having an amazingly scenic route (Hello, you ARE running throughPuerto Rico!), there is also a phenomenal cash purse offered to the top finishers.  The first place finisher receives $25,000 with an additional $10,000 bonus for a male finishing under 28 minutes and a female finishing under 31 minutes.  In 2003, Paula Radcliffe set a world record on this course, finishing in 30:21!

The Dipsea Race  (Mill Valley,CA)
12k (7.5 miles) – Trail Run
The Dipsea Race is the oldest trail run in America.  It is run every year on the second Sunday in June.  The Dipsea Race features a unique handicapping system featuring headstarts by age that allows all participants, male or female, at all levels to compete on a more-or-less equitable playing field.  I love this concept!  This race attracts racers from all over the world because of its fun atmosphere and scenic trails.  In 2010, the overall winner was an 8 year old little girl.

Great Wall Marathon  (Tianjin Province,China)
26.2 miles – Road Race
If you get a second, hop over to their website and check out the slideshow of pictures on the homepage.  Do you see all those steps?  Yes, all of those steps (all 5,164 of them) are part of the marathon course.  Talk about putting your body to the test.  Not only do you have to get through the marathon distance, you have race it while climbing up and down steps nearly the whole route.  And can you just imagine the views?  After all, you are running theGreat Wall of China, for goodness sakes!  Talk about feeling like you are running on top of the world!

Tough Mudder  (Multiple Locations)
10-12 miles (depending on location) – Mud/Obstacle Course
The Tough Mudder makes the Warrior Dash look like a wilting violet.  These obstacle courses are specifically “designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.”  Don’t even think about setting a PR on these courses.  Merely finishing in one piece gives you bragging rights for weeks…months even!  Only 78% of participants even finish.  This series offers dozens of locations and will become an international race series in 2012!  I know I’m a “big girl” and all, but who doesn’t like getting a little muddy.

So, there are a few more of the special events that made my bucket list…

What is on YOUR bucket list? Help me make Santa’s List even longer!

10 Responses to “Running Bucket List, Part II”

  1. Katherine at 1:03 PM #

    Love this list! I have heard good things about Flying Pig. It’s always on that list of races you HAVE to race. My others are Big Sur, and an as-yet-undecided race along the coast somewhere. Perhaps I’ll be doing the Gulf Coast Half in FL next year! A friend of mine ran the Paris Marathon, and I can’t imagine how spectacular a race like that would be. I would LOVE to go abroad for a race like that.

    • katieRUNSthis at 1:05 PM #

      Let’s do it! I would love love love to travel overseas for an exotic race! They have some really cool looking ones in Thailand too! Or the London Marathon! *sigh* My list goes on and on and on… 🙂 ONE DAY! Yes! Do the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Pensacola next spring! I’ll be there!

  2. Dublin Marathon (Love Ireland, plus a pint of Guinness or six to celebrate the race)
    Paris Marathon (Running around some of the great landmarks)
    Big Sur Marathon (scenery)
    San Fran (running the Golden Gate plus a hilly, scenic town
    Krispy Kreme Challenge (DONUTS – need I say anymore)
    Hood to Coast (for the challenge)
    I guess I could go on. Every time I see an interesting race, I want to run it. I might have issues

  3. This is a great list! There are a few of these on my list, and a few I need to add! As far as suggestions, I would highly recommend the Chicago Marathon and the Bix 7. The Bix isn’t as well known but the entire quad cities area (Iowa/Illinois border) comes together to put on this awesome race every July! It is HUGE for just a 7 miler! The hills are brutal but that’s part of why it’s the Bix!

  4. Michelle at 8:59 PM #

    Great list! I’m definitely planning to do the Dipsea when I move to California. I’m hoping to take a trip to the course sometime in the next month or two.

    Hood to Coast, Big Sur, and the London Marathon are all on my bucket list. I’ve signed up for Big Sur 2012 and I’m looking forward to (read: scared beyond belief) of the course.

  5. I did the Flying Pig this year as part of a back-to-back with the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon the day before. Both races are really good.

    Kentucky Derby Festival was really great. Very well done. I preferred it slightly over the Pig but the FP was well done as well. It was just rainy the first half this year, and I was a bit tired from putting down 26.2 the day before.

    A race you should add to this list is the Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville. Talk about a race to remember. Very cult like. Filled up in 4 min this year. (250 or so cap).

  6. Marisa at 9:04 PM #

    I’d like to run Big Sur, Chicago, NYC.

    I have run Dipsea, not the race, just the trail, the double, it is TOUGH!! I wrote about it on my blog.

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