My first official yoga class…and other grippy things!

19 Aug

Today I ventured into my first *official* yoga class. While I have done the YogaX (P90X Yoga) DVDs at home, I have never ventured out to a yoga class. I have always feared falling over or being surrounded by all of the long, lithe, graceful yogis performing every pose with ease while I am in the corner shaking, wobbling, and sweating my butt off.

You know what? I was RIGHT. That’s exactly how it went. But the best part was that I didn’t even care. At the end of the day, at least I was there and I was giving it my best effort! And, I tried something new, and that is always a good thing with breaking up the monotony of your workouts.

My recent cutback in running mileage has freed up my schedule to pursue other types of exercise. I have always heard how wonderful yoga was for runners (and for anyone, really), so I figured now was as good a time as any to add it to my weekly mix of workouts. Coincidentally, my husband mentioned his interest in trying a class! Perfecto!
Our 8:30AM class at Bally Fitness started out with our instructor Amanda talking all kinds of yogi-speak that sounded like a whole different language. Not having a *clue* what she was talking about, I decided my best bet was to just keep an eye on the other people in the class and do what they were doing. It worked. When in doubt, copy your neighbor. (Children, this does not apply to school lessons!)

I won’t lie to you, yoga is no joke. It was way WAY harder than I ever gave it credit for and Amanda was a beast of an instructor (I mean that in the best way possible). Maybe my home yoga DVDs were easier or something, but I found today’s class hard. “Hard” isn’t a bad thing, as I enjoy a challenge, but I guess I thought I was more flexible than I am. (Hmmm, better work on that…)

Though the moves did not come super easy to me, I can say that I did not fall…not even once! I may have had a little help though, but I will not consider it “cheating.” I got my hands on these super awesome ToeSox that really helped me “stick” the poses. Being nearly 29 weeks pregnant and having almost 30 extra pounds around my middle can throw off one’s balance, so I enjoyed having the help. Today, I used the Full ToeSox With Grip and the Grip Gloves. I figured that with grippy hands and feet and a nice grippy mat that I wasn’t going anywhere. And I didn’t!

No shoes needed! ToeSox with Grip!

The ToeSox with Grip helped me secure my footing while still allowing my foot to spread naturally. They were GREAT! The Grip Gloves provide the same effect, only for your hands. Using both made me feel like I could concentrate more on the poses and isolating my muscles and less about slipping or falling…you know, two pretty bad things for a pregnant lady…or anyone for that matter. In fact, even my yoga instructor was intrigued by the Grip Gloves. She had seen the grippy socks before, but never the grippy gloves. She may or may not have convinced me to let her try them on after class. She loved them as much as I did! 🙂 (Brownie points with the yoga teacher!)

I'm a grippy jazz-handsy yogi ninja!

ToeSox Grip Gloves

ToeSox is a really great company. One thing I really appreciate about this company is their support of charities. I love that they are a supporter of several charities, one being the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, a cause that is very close to my heart. I got a super cute pair of pink regular running ToeSox too, and while I haven’t had a chance to try those out yet, I know they will feel fantastic. The fabric is amazing and I can’t wait to slip them on my feet. I’ll be sure and let you know how those do too!

This rounds out a pretty great week for me. I’m encouraged with running on the anti-gravity treadmill and I am staying motivated with adding new activities like yoga into my routine to help keep me active. When your body changes and you need help, you just have to find the tools that give you confidence to keep moving and keep staying healthy!

ToeSox with Grip

Have you tried anything new in your workouts this week? What do you think of ToeSox? Have you ever tried them before?

2 Responses to “My first official yoga class…and other grippy things!”

  1. I have felt the EXACT same way in every yoga class I’ve ever been to… so that’s why I stick to Yoga DVDs at home. 🙂

    Cool stickies though!

  2. Nicole at 12:12 PM #

    I started running (actual training) 6 weeks go. And I started yoga once a week at the same time. I am NOT flexible in the least, but I have found a stuido that makes me feel like it doesn’t matter…I am present and pushing myself to do the best I can and I’ll get better! I found yoga makes my muscles feel great after running by getting a deep stretch through my whole body . I think it helps my running too b/c I feel like it speeds my muscle recovery and I’m ready to go on my next long run or speedwork.

    If you like it, keep it up! Even if you aren’t the best in class, you are a step above those who stayed home!

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