Gear Review: MomBodFitness FITsplint

12 Aug

My dear exercising mamas-to-be…don’t be in denial.  You know that belly bump is pulling on your abdominal and back muscles and you know it hurts.  I was having the same issues.  Everything else in my body has been feeling completely fine and lately I have felt pretty okay while running.  The bigger the belly started getting, however, the more pressure I felt on everything on my insides.  I needed a solution.

Here is what I tried that DID NOT work…

Compression Tank: Too Tight

Belly Band: Rolled Down

Ace Bandages: Just bad. BAD.

Here is what I tried that DID work…the MomBodFitness FITsplint (insert the Hallelujah chorus!)

This was EXACTLY the solution I had been looking for! I had been trying to describe my “dream contraption” to my husband for days and I had been getting so frustrated with trying all these things that did not work.  Thanks heavens I found the FITsplint!  I knew I could not possibly be the only pregnant woman in the world that was looking for a product like this. Personally, I wear my FITsplint underneath my clothes with one band across my belly and one fitted below my belly.  For me, I feel like this arrangement offers me the greatest movement control.  The material is thin enough and discreet under my running clothes.

There are a lot of things that I really love about this product.  For starters, I love the quality.  The fabric is soft and not itchy against my sensitive belly skin.  It is also a thicker material so I feel like it really holds me in (unlike the thin spandex-y belly bands and athletic wraps).  At first the Velcro didn’t seem very strong (I was expecting it to look more heavy-duty), but it really holds.  After using the FITsplint on several runs AND my triathlon, I never had a problem with the Velcro pulling, snagging, or coming detached.  Lastly, I love that the inside portion of the FITsplint has a silicone band that keeps it fitted against your skin.  As you move around, you won’t have to worry about the FITsplint riding up or slipping down; the silicone band is thin and keeps it in place, against your body.

Silicone Strip for Security

For the purpose of showing you how I wear it, I am showing it outside my tank top. Again, I normally wear it under my clothes, but it was hard to display with my black running skirt.

The only negative I could find about using the FITsplint was the heat.  Then again, I am running inSouth Louisiana…in the summer.  So, it’s all relative.  You have to expect that when you add any layer, you are going to get hotter and sweat a little more.  As long as you take that into consideration, you should be fine!

Again, if you are runner or otherwise fit and active mama-to-be who wants to keep on with your routines, I would highly recommend the FITsplint.  Anything that helps you continue exercising through your pregnancy has got to be a good thing!

Baby bupmin’ running mamas, how do you control the belly jiggle? What have you tried that did work? What have you tried that did NOT work?

8 Responses to “Gear Review: MomBodFitness FITsplint”

  1. Hmmm. . . I never thought about extra support. At 34 1/2 weeks, I still just run/walk wearing my regular running skirt and whatever shirt/tank I grab off my running shirt shelf. LOL

  2. Yes! I’ve been saying I want a sports bra for my stomach. I was skeptical of the Fitsplint, but I’m so glad you tried it out and shared. I’ll definitely get one now.

  3. Megan at 5:08 PM #

    How cool!! I told my husband that when I am pregnant one day he is going to have to buy me one of these.

  4. Running_Fox at 10:52 PM #

    That looks like a really good idea Katie! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to consider and look into it. Right now, I haven’t used anything to support the belly while running. When I walk or ride a bike, it’s fine- no belly pain. It’s really only when I run- and then after the run, I’m sore everywhere!

    I think this may be helpful, and I’m definitely going to consider getting it. It doesn’t get as hot up north as it does down in your neck of the woods, but this is totally worth considering (Especially because this isn’t the only Baby H we are planning to have 😉 Haha) Thanks girl!

  5. runharrietrun at 4:28 AM #

    That looks like a great solution! I’m 32 weeks and haven’t actually felt all that much “jiggle” so haven’t tried any belly support products. I live in Germany so wouldn’t be able to buy the fit splint anyway – but it looks a lot more convincing than the support belts I’ve seen here, which just look like glorified ace bandages.

  6. I just have to say that reading about you running while pregnant is extremely inspiring to me. One of my biggest fears about getting pregnant in the future is not being able to do the thing that I love the most, which is run. By sharing your story, you’re helping me be a little less scared about my future babies. 🙂 Thank you Katie!

  7. Sarah M. at 10:46 AM #

    Thanks for the review! I’ve already bought a Gabrialla support band – which has help a lot – but now I’d like to give the FITsplint a try. I was surprised at how uncomfortable I felt running, even before I was very big. I’m grateful for any product that will allow me to be active as long as possible. Thanks again!


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