Holy Roller! Me and My Human Rolling Pin

7 Aug

After my 6-miler on Friday and my “pushing it pace” 2-miler yesterday, my legs needed some serious stretching and attention. I will have to say that, in general, I am one of the “lucky” ones when it comes to running and leg pain, aches, and injuries. Ever since I corrected my form a few years ago, I have had little to no issues with my legs. The few bouts of soreness and aches I suffered required little more than some good stretching and compression calf sleeves. However, once I started training for my first half marathon, I started experiencing slightly more muscle pain (as opposed to joint pain) and I needed some relief.

A running buddy of mine suggested The Stick. Wanting to immediately ease my quad aches, off to the running store I went. I politely asked the store employee for The Stick and he pointed me over to a wall where rows of brightly colored torture devices were displayed. I picked out the brightest green human rolling pin I had ever seen and limped/waddled/hobbled home to put it to use.

This thing was a miracle product!! I swear you could feel every dimple of each golf ball busting up all those little pockets of lactic acid build-up in my muscles. It was phenomenal! Seriously, you could almost hear the pop-pop-pop of my muscles being worked out and relaxing. I had a new best friend named Stick.

It was not until months later did I realize that I never actually purchased The Stick. I bought the local South Carolina (where I was living at the time) version of The Stick…called an Eddie’s Roller. I cannot officially compare it to The Stick, as I do not own one of those, but I can tell you that the Eddie’s Roller is an amazing product. Have you ever put a golf ball on the floor and rubbed your foot over it after a long run? (If you haven’t, you are missing out! Try it! Best cheap foot massage EVER!) Well, it feels like that…except you can get that same deep massage action on your legs, arms, and back. Seriously, it’s GOOD.

I bought this thing several years ago, so I can’t remember exactly what it cost, but I think it was around $30 or so. Plus, if you order one direct from Eddie, you can even pick/customize your colors. If I had known that, I probably would have made a purple and gold one (LSU colors) but I really like my lime green one. 🙂

Do YOU use an Eddie’s Roller, The Stick, or other human rolling pin device? How often do you use them? Do they help with your muscle pain?

3 Responses to “Holy Roller! Me and My Human Rolling Pin”

  1. ThunderChooch at 6:56 PM #

    I just bought a stick for more specialized attention to certain areas (Calves, Achilles, IT Band) and use my foam roller for my back. I also have a “Rubz” ball that I picked up cheap at a running store (Road Runner Sports sells them) and it is a little better than a golf ball and really work out any plantar fasciitis pain you may have. Working out the muscles after the long runs are a must and these “sticks” and rollers do wonders for self massage (plus my wife doesn’t have to touch my feet, so bonus for her!)

  2. Jamie at 11:05 PM #

    I had a PT use The Stick on me and I wanted to cry!!!!! Most painful experience ever!! But I sickly want to buy one now! I have a feeling that the pain will be more manageable is I “Stick” myself. I will have to check out Eddie!

  3. Pam H. at 10:00 AM #

    Mine is a Tiger Tail – more like a smooth, thin foam-covered rolling pin. That, plus a foam roller, have pretty much solved my IT-band issues. These doodads are amazing!

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