A Day in My Life – My “OFF” Fridays

23 Jul

I have every Friday off from work. Awesome, right? Well, sort of…

A lot of people who hear this think, “Oh, you are so lucky, you have three-day weekends EVERY weekend!” What people fail to realize is that just because I am not going to my “day job” (where I work four 10-hour days on Monday through Thursday at a chemical plant) doesn’t mean I am not working.

The other day I was reading a blog by Wannabe Athlete about a day in her life with a new baby, all while trying to get back to running and getting fit. She is SO busy! I took a look at my day yesterday and thought, “How would I have ever gotten all this done with a new baby??” Well, I will just adjust. That’s all there is to it! So, here is a little inside look at the things I do when I’m not doing…well, everything else.

06:00AM – Wake up, take the dog out, get some laundry going, and visit with my husband and tell him my game plan for my day. On my “off” Fridays I do allow myself to sleep in a little. Other days of the week I am up around 4:45AM, so yes, I give myself a little extra time to snooze.

07:00AM – Leave the house. Drop off (2) #RunLA shirts to @lauradstead at her house.

07:30AM – Arrive at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital to drop off (1) #RunLA shirt to @VaughnMom.

Lori, I stole this from your Pinterest. 🙂

07:50AM – Shop at Office Depot #1 for shipping supplies for #RunLA shirts. I also needed copy paper and two different types of toner for my husband’s business. They only had one color toner that I needed, so that led to the next errand…

08:15AM – Shop at Office Depot #2 for more toner. Toner acquired! Business can resume! Woot!

08:30AM – Stop and get the morning fuel from CC’s Coffeehouse. This is our local “Starbucks” and it is delicious! Today’s coffee was gifted upon via a gift card from my super generous new friend, Lori.

08:45AM – Arrive home and fix myself some breakfast. CC’s Coffee + Peanut butter, honey, banana English muffin FTW!


09:00AM – Collect the dry cleaning and go drop it off.

09:25AM – Return home, play a very few minutes of fetch with my pup (seriously, who could resist this face?) and change the color band on my new GO Sport ID band. I wanted to change it out to yellow in preparation for tonight’s Light Up the Night 5k!

This is Elvis. He's awesome.

09:40AM – Hydrate gel packs for my new Be Cool Bands. I am excited to try these out soon and I will definitely be sure to let you know how I like them!

Ready to go in the freezer!

09:45AM – Write and post yesterday’s blog on Attune Foods Uncle Sam Cereal. Seriously, the stuff is delicious.

10:30AM – Finally take time to shower and get myself dressed properly for the day. Keep the laundry going!

Ready for my meeting!

11:15AM – Arrive at Woman’s Hospital Fitness Center for the new Mommy Bloggers project I am working on for them. FUN!

11:30AM – Mommy Blogger luncheon! It was so fun! I got to meet 5 of the other 6 women selected for the project. We had lunch, got our assignment guidelines, discussed our stories, and got to know each other better. Oh, and the best perk? FREE shellac manicures! Woot! It is supposed to last two weeks…but if anyone can put that to the test, I can! While I was at the luncheon, it started to pour down rain though. Afternoon bike ride was now OFF. Boo.

Two weeks? We'll see!

01:30PM – Arrive home, tell my husband about the luncheon, catch up on “THE Twitter” (as my mom calls it), unload the dishwasher, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, keep the laundry going.

02:00PM – Write and post my blog for Claim Your Journey magazine. I love writing for this publication and reaching out to the fellow runners in my state.

03:10PM – Run over to Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge and pick up our runner’s packets for the Light Up the Night 5k!

03:45PM – Quick conference call about working on The Louisiana Marathon. This is going to be an AWESOME event and if you are looking for a January marathon, please consider it!

04:10PM – More laundry! The story of my life!

04:30PM – Fill out paperwork for Woman’s Hospital Fitness Center. I will be going to swim there again for the next month and I had to get the paperwork all worked out.

05:00PM – Meeting with the bank with my husband. We are ready to start house-hunting (Well, we *think* we are. Are you ever REALLY ready?) and we wanted to go over last minute details with the bank.

05:30PM – Meet my mom at Destination Maternity for some new clothes. I had a meltdown over the fact that NOTHING in my closet fits me now and my sweet mother, pitying me, offered to get me a few new things! Hallelujah! I can wear something other than running skirts and tank tops!

07:00PM – Dinner with my husband. We are always on the go and I love it when we have just a few minutes over dinner to talk about the day’s events and catch up on “us” time.

08:30PM – Arrive back at home…and pass out on the couch. This lady’s gas tank was EMPTY after all this activity and I *think* I fell asleep around 8:45PM. I am SUCH a party animal, right?

But of all of this, you know what I did NOT get to do? I did NOT get around to any of this…and it frustrates me.

I hate it when my days get away from me and I don’t get exercise, but I know it is just going to happen sometimes.

But, today is a new day and I am excited about the Light Up the Night 5k tonight! Here is hoping the rain stays away!

How do you deal with days where you are literally SO busy that you can’t work in any training?

3 Responses to “A Day in My Life – My “OFF” Fridays”

  1. Lauren Jewett at 11:31 AM #

    Laundry is also the story of my life…I need to go do it now, haha.

  2. Megan at 1:46 PM #

    My husband is also an electrical engineer who works 4 10 hour days and has Fridays off. He works at the nuclear plant Waterford 3. That night race looks fun!!

  3. jeanniegilbert at 11:07 AM #

    That’s a tough one but for me, I have learned to become a early morning person and get my main workouts done before everyone else is up. Any other workouts during the day are bonus and usually involve my kids whether they are doing a short workout with me, doing some fun outdoor activities, or going to a park. I used to also walk many places with my kids when we lived closer to a park, library, and grocery store. Can’t do that anymore, though.

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