Gear That Rocks: Tommie Copper Compression Sleeves

8 Jul

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I have been having a lot of trouble lately with lower leg pain. (On a side note, if you haven’t been keeping up with my blog, what’s the hold up? Subscribe, why don’t ya? 🙂 ) My body is finally feeling all the changes that pregnancy brings and the biggest difference is in my legs and ankles. I was in denial for a long time about running through my pregnancy, thinking I would literally be able to run up until the baby arrived with no trouble at all. HA!

After my wonky run on Tuesday night, I started slipping into an all new low of a funk. Lucky for me, the funk didn’t last long because when I got home I found some new Tommie Copper calf sleeves waiting for me! Woot! Deciding not to wallow in my pregnant runner pity, I made a new plan. Wanting to really give my legs a chance to redeem themselves, I knew that rest and compression were the ways to go.

On Wednesday, I wore them to work. My job involves a lot of walking around (in steel toe boots) out in the heat. I definitely do a number on my legs when I am on the job, so to give my legs the best chance at recovery, I wore them under my flame-retardant Nomex. After putting them on, I could feel a difference almost instantly.

Glamorous, yes?

Let me just get sidetracked for a second and say that these sleeves are a lot different than the calf sleeves I have tried before. I was really surprised at how thin the material was. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of them, thinking that there is no way they could provide good compression with how thin they are. I was wrong! In fact, the amount of compression was perfect and the thin construction actually made them SO much easier to put on (and take off) than other ones I have had!

On Wednesday night I did not run, but I did wash the sleeves to see how they held up. I washed them in the washing machine and let them air dry (typical of how I treat all of my technical running gear). They washed just fine (no shrinking or anything like that) and yesterday, I put them on again after lunch while I was at work. I would have put them on earlier, but I forgot I had them with me (blame that on the baby brain drain). After work, I had a dinner with friends planned. Knowing that I wanted to go for a run after the dinner, I discretely wore them under my jeans. That’s right…with heels…that’s how I roll.

After our dinner, I finally had a chance to get home and take them for a spin! THEY.WERE.AWESOME. I ran a total of 2.5 miles in 27:30 with ZERO pain and NO muscle soreness! I am ecstatic! Normally I do not like to run in calf sleeves, preferring them to be used mostly after my runs for recovery, but as my body is changing, I am needing more support during the run. I will certainly be making these part of my daily gear checklist (along with my iPod, Garmin, etc.). Overall, I loved them. I am not sure that they are *quite* tight enough for my liking for extreme compression needs (like after a marathon), but for everyday aches and pains and recovery, they are perfect!

Tommie Copper products help relieve pain by using Therapeutic Copper Compression (TCC). By targeting the problem area with TCC (for me, my lower leg) circulation is enhanced, inflammation is reduced, and pain is relieved. Good circulation is so important for ALL athletes (and mamas-to-be), and staying pain-free will only make getting back out on the roads and back into running routines easier.

While I have only tried the calf sleeves, I may look into getting the fingerless compression gloves, as soon as they are available. Several of my pregnant friends said they experienced carpel tunnel symptoms in the third trimester (so bad that they could hardly make a fist!) and I know that those would definitely come in handy!

Have YOU ever tried compression gear? Do you use it regularly on your runs or after? What types do you wear – knee braces, calf sleeves, arm sleeves, shirts?

I was provided these sleeves by Tommie Copper for review, but all opinions are solely my own. They really are great! See my Disclaimer if you want more information!

4 Responses to “Gear That Rocks: Tommie Copper Compression Sleeves”

  1. Karen at 7:40 AM #

    Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been thinking of getting some Tommie Copper and I think you just sold me!

    Definitely get the compression gloves. My hands hurt so much in the third trimester with both pregnancies. It’s one of those things you rarely hear about in pregnancy. I wish I’d known about compression back then. I could have used the gloves in a big way! Tommie Copper- I think you have an additional market to tap into!!

  2. Jordan Kawam at 10:57 AM #

    This is a GREAT review! Thanks so much Katie!

  3. running on faith at 1:09 PM #

    Thanks for the review! I have never tried compression socks or sleeves so I may have to try this brand out!

  4. LifeisaRun at 9:17 AM #

    I just bought some Zenash leg sleeves and wore them after my 12.4 mile run. They made a world of difference after wearing them for about 5 hours post running. Definitely worth the money!

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