The Saucony Minimalist Tour

28 Jun

Everyone who knows me knows I have this complete and utter obsession with Saucony shoes. While I do own other brands of running shoes (Ssssssh! Don’t tell!), Saucony shoes always prevail as being my favorite. Evidence of my unhealthy addiction can be found here.

The week, the Saucony Minimalist Tour is rolling through town. When I got this little jewel in my e-mail, I knew I could NOT miss this! I caught it on its first stop at Varsity Sports BR last night before our group run.

I saw so many awesome shoes and got a sneak peek at what is coming up soon! I may or may not have even developed some new shoe crushes. **swoon**

TO and me...pre-run!

TO and me...pre-run!

First up, the Saucony Hattori. Here is what I LOVE…the color, the style, the FEEL. They fit like gloves. This is the lightest weight and most minimal shoe offered by Saucony. At only 3.8oz, it really feels like you have NOTHING on your feet. Here is what I don’t love…they aren’t the shoe for me. While I love everything about them, I just can’t go that light. I need more padding and more cushioning. But if super minimal (ZERO mm heel drop) is your thing, they are awesome.

Women's Saucony Hattori

Next up, the Saucony Kinvara 2. I have a long-standing love affair with the original Kinvara shoes, so I was thrilled when they came out with the Kinvara 2. The new color combinations are out of this world! You know I love those bright colors! Because of my real interest in this shoe, I spent some time talking with the rep about the differences between the old and new Kinvaras. The new Kinvara 2 offers couple of upgrades from the old Kinvara…mostly found on the upper part of the shoe. On the top of the toe box, extra material has been added to allow the shoe to secure the foot better. On the original Kinvara, it was just a painted line, whereas on the new Kinvara 2, there is actually an additional piece of material (the skeleton) under the mesh.1 Also, on the back of the shoe, around the heel, the Kinvara 2 features more material laid over the mesh, coming up higher around the heel. This also increases the durability and strength of the shoe.2 Lastly, the underlying mesh features slightly larger holes allowing for more breathability. Remaining unchanged are several of my favorite features…the weight (6.7oz) and the hydrator memory foam on the inside of the shoe around the ankle, and the super light exterior Monomesh (its strong and keeps the gunk out of my shoe). At the $90 price point, its an all-around fantastic shoe.

Out with the old...

...and in with the new!

And last, but certainly not least, the Saucony Cortana (insert a big magical TA-DA!). This is a *new* shoe by Saucony and I had never seen it before. In fact, it will not even be available for purchase until July 1st (don’t think I’m not counting down the days). This shoe is awesome! It features the same 4mm heel drop and minimalist style as the Kinvara 2, but translates it to a trainer/stability-type shoe. It will have all the “comfy” features of the heavier stability/pronation control shoes in the Saucony line, but it will just be lighter. WIN-WIN! Basically, if you area neutral runner, or if you only slightly over-pronate, this will be a great shoe to check out. It does have added weight to it (10.5oz) but if more control is what you need, it’s worth it. The Cortana also comes at a higher price point ($140), but if running is your thing, you have to pay to have good gear.

Women's Saucony Cortana

With this ever-growing baby bump, my center of gravity is certainly shifting. I can also feel my foot strike changing, which I expected. I think the Saucony Cortana will be a good choice for me in the coming months (at least until I can go back to my beloved Kinvaras). I am looking forward to testing them out on Friday!

In other exciting Saucony news, I heard that they are expanding their Vizi-Pro line of apparel. That’s right, you heard it right here…that means more NEON! Seriously, could this get any better? Awesome new shoes AND more neon?? They already feature several items in the Vizi-Pro orange, but they will be adding more apparel in the Vizi-Pro yellow and pink. Yes!

The tour also had a super fun prize wheel where players could win stickers, t-shirts, sweatbands, sports bags, etc. I walked away with these fun goodies!! I even got a cowbell! 🙂

No whammies, no whammies!

Everyone is excited!

More cowbell!

If you were not able to make it to the Saucony Minimalist Tour last night, don’t worry! You still have some opportunities to catch it! The best part is, they will even let you go for your run in their shoes! Test drive! Here is where and when you can find them:

Tuesday, June 28: Happy’s Running Club (Baton Rouge), 5PM – 7PM
Wednesday, June 29: Varsity Sports (Mandeville), 11AM – 1PM
Wednesday, June 29: NOTC Free for All 2 Miler (New Orleans), 6PM – 8PM
Thursday, June 30: Varsity Sports (New Orleans), 5PM – 7PM

Be sure to go and see what all the fuss is about! You won’t be sorry!

I should be on the Price is Right!

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  1. running on faith at 10:48 AM #

    thanks for the info about the shoes! I may have to check out the kinervas or cortanas. I love the color of these shoes too…super fun and bright 🙂

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