Weekend Round-Up!

26 Jun

Since I’m tired…and its a Sunday night…I’m about to post the quickest weekend recap EVER. Consider it more of a weekend pictorial, if you will. Ready? READY!


I started out by trying out an all-female group training ride for the Rocketchix Triathlon at Alligator Bayou.  I really appreciate the guys from The Bicycle Shop leading the way!  It was a beautiful morning for a ride.  Plus, I met two new friends (Amanda and Allyson) who are interested in hopping in on some group runs with the #RunLA fam!  New recruits! I rode a total of 15.59 miles and felt great!

I've got sunshine...

Lovely day for a ride!

After the ride, I snuggled with my pup…

This is Elvis. He has a rough life.

…and watched and listened to my sweet husband play guitar for me. I promised not to post a pic of him with his guitar.

I grabbed a snack…

Grapes, Oranges, and Water

…and then showered, got dressed, and headed down to the Red Stick Farmers Market to shop for veggies and grab a REAL breakfast with my husband.  Let’s just say, we ate WELL.

We had a french toast sandwich (french toast with sausage, egg, cheese, and powdered sugar)…

Sweet AND Savory!

…a piece of delicious spinach quiche…

Spinach deliciousness!

…and we may or may not have also split this amazing cinnamon roll. I’m just sayin’.

Sugary baked goodness!

I also got a sugar-free frappe mocha from the Charlie’s Coffee stand and it was amazing! I would have never known it was sugar-free! From the market area, we couldn’t resist picking up some chicken dip from the Nur’s Kitchen tent. It is outstanding!! We have bought their hummus from Whole Foods before and are so glad we tried the chicken dip. New fave!

After the market, we made our way to the Varsity Sports Tent Sale. Running gear at 50% off?? HELLO! Of course I’m there! We snagged a new pair of Asics Gel Fortitude 4 shoes for me and a Brooks technical running shirt and two pairs of Nike running socks for Brent for only $70.00! It was a STEAL!

New gear!!

While there, I also swooned over this wall of neon! By now, you all know how I feel about neon


The tent sale had so much going on! Other than the great gear, the Taco de Paco truck out there and the Play Dirty Adventure run made a showing with a fun cargo net you could climb over. I decided to pass on it though. Probably a bad idea for a pregnant lady. There was also frozen yogurt from Splendido but we were still so full from breakfast at the market.  🙂

Yesterday afternoon was spent listening to my husband practice songs for church, playing with my pup some more, putting my feet up to keep them from swelling (*sigh*…pregnant lady issues…), and watching a show about Bigfoot on the History Channel. After dinner, we downloaded The Adjustment Bureau on the iPad 2 and watched it. I only made it through about half of it, but what I saw was really good! I will definitely need to finish it soon.


Today was a really simple day.  We got up early and went to church.  Though he just started playing guitar in church with the orchestra, I am getting so much joy out of watching Brent play.  Everyone else seems to really like it too!  After the service, we went for a later lunch with our Sunday School class to Zoe’s Kitchen.  This was only the second time we had eaten there, but it did not disappoint.  I got the chicken salad sandwich and I was really pleased with it.  I’m really funny about chicken salad (I like the simple kind, not the kind made with grapes or nuts or anything kooky like that) and it was really good.

When we got home from lunch, Brent mentioned he was interested in going for a run.  Never resisting the chance to get outside, I laced up my new kicks and joined him!

Not realizing that it was practically 100 degrees outside, I quickly realized there would be NO running for me today. My body just couldn’t take it. These days, I have “off days” and “on days”. Today was an off day.

My first walk of the day was 3.0 miles. I was so hot and feeling like I needed a break so I came inside, put my feet up, and watched an hour of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (the BEST trash TV EVER!!). After that, I went back outside for another 2.0 mile walk. Though I didn’t run, I still walked 5.0 miles for the day and I’m a-okay with that!

We rounded out our day with a late evening swim at our friend Laura’s neighborhood pool. While I didn’t swim the laps I had intended to swim, I did manage to get in some leg and arm exercises and spend some quality time with my husband.  The water feels SO good these days. 🙂

And here we are. Little Mama is tired now so she’s off to Dreamland… ‘night!

Work and train hard this week! Happy running!

2 Responses to “Weekend Round-Up!”

  1. Katherine at 10:40 PM #

    Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! I got sucked in to a couple episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding this weekend, too, and I think I might have to add it to the DVR… haha.

    • katieRUNSthis at 9:21 AM #

      I’m telling you…I freaking LOVE that show. Every time I catch it on I yell throughout the house, “OOOOH! My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is ON!”…you know, like anyone else cares but me. 🙂

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