Break out the credit card, the lululemon show room is OPEN for business!

24 Jun

The lululemon athletica grand openingthis morning was FANTASTIC!  The showroom looks really amazing and my friends, Beth, Andrea, and Amanda have really done an amazing job on getting it ready!  This morning, they hosted their first community yoga class on their back deck.  It was beautiful out there!  Even though it was early, it was still pretty warm!

Photo courtesy of Claim Your Journey.

This was my first official yoga class…and, man, that’s some tough stuff!  I always knew yogis had hard bodies for a reason, but that class was no joke!  I had to modify some of the abdominal work and positions, but I had a great time and would definitely be interested in trying it again!

My friend, Brandon, from Claim Your Journey Magazine and I were lucky enough to get some cool gear to try (not that I wasn’t ALREADY in love with lululemon athletica) and we wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

I was lucky enough to get to try out the Scoop Neck Tankin Heathered Sand Dune.

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica website.

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica website.

(I realize the photo is of the model and not of ME in the tank. After yoga class, I started making lunch for the husband and…yadda, yadda, yadda…now there are red beans and rice down the front of the tank top. Keep in mind that pregnant ladies are not exactly known for their grace.)

I have both run and done yoga in this shirt and it is SO comfortable.  First of all the way the scoop neck is cut on the front really holds the girls in and still (you know what I’m sayin’).  I find that most shirts with built-in bras are useless, but this one is a bit thicker and really does the job.  While running, I still had to wear a sports bra under it, but during yoga, I was fine in just the shirt.  Another thing I love about the shirt is that it didn’t ride up when I was running in it.  A lot of fitted running tanks start riding up and having to keep tugging your shirt down gets pretty annoying.  This one stays put and that’s a major advantage in my book.  Lastly, I LOVE the cut of the back.  It is a totally different style in the back than most of my running tanks and I can totally tell the difference. This cut allows me to have a better range of motion with my arms (I pump my arms slightly when I run) and I was able to move around freely in this morning’s yoga class.  The Scoop Neck Tank comes in LOTS of color combos and I will definitely be making it a staple in my running wardrobe.  Now if only it came in neon… 😉

Brandon was given the Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeveshirt.  Here is his review:

Photo courtesy of Brandon Williams.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Williams.

“Lululemon is a very unique activewear company that focuses on developing great products for individuals that participate in Yoga and Running. The Lululemon Metal Vent Tech short sleeve is just one of the many products they have available for men. The shirt featured is a heather, charcoal color and features additional stitching on the shoulder for detail. This color is great if you like to stick to neutral colors and keep it simple. The shirt is a very lightweight, seamless performance top with mesh venting in high sweat areas. If you’re living in Louisiana or anywhere near, that information is very important to you. So far, the heat this summer has been extreme, so the mesh venting comes in very handy during your running. There is also a Silverescent fabric that Lululemon included in the construction of this shirt that has properties to prevent odor and static. The inside of the shirt features two unique quotes. The first stating, “Visualize your victory, realize your goals, believe in yourself.” And then a little more laid back quote stating, “And make sure to drink a beer or two along the way.” We all need a little encouragement.”

To read more about the grand opening on the Claim Your Journey site, click here! Brandon took some GREAT photos of lululemon’s newest team members!

Lululemon athletica makes some really awesome apparel, so I’m officially putting it in my Gear Love Affair category.  I had so much fun at the grand opening of the showroom this morning, that I’ve come home, changed, and grabbed my husband for some more lululemon shopping!  I hear that Southern Dawgz is going to be there with their snow cone truck.  You know this pregnant lady isn’t passing up a snow cone on a hot day.

I hope your Friday is rocking as much as mine is! Happy running!

Update:  I did get my snow cone…a spearmint one.  I got most of Brent’s strawberry cheesecake one too.  😉  And they were divine!  Thanks, Stuart!

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  1. rivershughey at 2:26 PM #

    I love that tank!! I can’t wait to get in there and break out my credit card!

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