2011 TRI New Roads

18 Jun

Tri New Roads this morning was wonderful! While I was only spectating, I was still really excited to go and see the competitors. Every triathlon I watch only makes me more and more motivated to try my best at the Rocketchix Triathlon next month. Plus, it never hurts to watch people transition…there are always tips and techniques you can pick up just by studying others.

I woke up at 5:00AM (which was as early as I was getting up since I didn’t sleep good AT ALL), but lucky for me it was already starting to be a beautiful morning! I arrived to False River as the sun was coming up and the sun and water were beautiful. It made me appreciate being able to be healthy enough to get up and go out there this morning.

Most of today’s participants were either first-time triathletes or at least first-time open water swim triathletes. Everyone seemed really excited about getting in the water. The swim portion started at the boat dock at Satterfield’s Restaurant on False River. The boat dock made for a slipperier entry for the swimmers but they just took extra care not to fall. Because it was so slippery, the swim started in the water at a waist-deep level. Personally, I’m still enjoying being able to push off the wall in the pool so I’m not sure how I would have liked a waist-deep start. There was a strong enough wind coming off the water, so even though the swim portion was only 400m, the swimmers definitely had to push it.

Beautiful morning on False River.

Sun coming up over the water!

Swimmers are ready!

All of the swimmers did well and made it out of the water! Success! Before I knew it, transition was bustling and all of the racers were out on the bike route. Each portion of the 400m swim/12mi bike/2mi run were out and back courses. The start of the bike and run routes started uphill. I think that gave some of the racers a bit of trouble gaining momentum in the short distance between the bike mount line and the base of the hill.

Going into the run, all of the participants looked strong. There was a great representation by Venom Multisport Racing, Fitbird Fitness, and BR Tri. I even saw a few children of racers sporting Rocketkidz t-shirts! It is always fun to see a whole family involved in running, triathlons, or just being active in general.

While the official results have not yet been posted, I look forward to checking them out as soon as they were up! These racers finished FAST!

At the end of the event, finishers were greeted by cheering family members, friends and volunteers, cold beer, water, or sports drink, and some seriously delicious-smelling jambalaya! Satterfield’s was very gracious to host the Tri New Roads event and Multisport Fitness and Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge did a great job of organizing and managing it! It certainly seemed as if all of the finishers had a great experience. I look forward to making this event my first open water swim triathlon next year!

To see all of my photos from Tri New Roads, click here!

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