Tapping into my passion for running.

8 Jun

There is no doubt that I have a passion for running. I’m not an elite runner, I’m not the fastest runner, I’ll never run in the Olympics. But I don’t care because I love it and running makes me happy and feel good about myself. Unfortunately for me, I discovered this passion for running many years after college. Had I gotten into running in high school or even in my college years, maybe I would have never been an electrical engineer. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. While I’m crazy good at math (that’s me tootin’ my own horn) and I love anything that sparks, I often question if this is really what I’m meant to be doing.

What would I do if I could do anything? If it involved runners, running, helping other get started running, etc. I would probably do it. However, I probably would not own a running store, because I have never really wanted to own a store. Maybe I would move up North and work for Runner’s World? Maybe I would be a professional race director? Maybe I would be a sports photographer? Maybe I would have been a running coach? Who knows. All I know is that I want a job where I can combine my love of running, my gift of gab (I will talk to you about running, fitness, nutrition, volunteering, gear, races, etc. until you make me stop), and my insane ability to give the world’s most awesome high fives and sweaty hugs (which I tend to give out quite liberally, I might add).

I have found that I absolutely love getting others motivated to run and getting motivated by others to run. I get as excited as a kid on Christmas when a new person on Twitter says they want to join us for a Happy’s Running or Varsity Sports group run! I love meeting them in person, finding out what drives them, and encouraging them.

But, for now, electrical engineering pays the bills and with Nugget on the way, I just have to keep on keepin’ on. At what point do you just dive into your passion? At what point do you just go for it?

For now, my running buddies let me bounce silly ideas off of them, encourage me, and act as my main sounding board. I am hoping that 2012 will have some BIG things in the works for me and I’m looking forward to sharing those things when the time comes. I am just really impatient and wishing they could happen now. NOW!! 🙂

Until then, I’m surrounding myself with awesome running peeps and doing what I can to keep my running fire burning!

Are you living your dream? If so, how did you get there? What is YOUR passion?

3 Responses to “Tapping into my passion for running.”

  1. Stephen at 12:38 PM #

    I am living my dream. I get to carry on the family business (along with my brother). We are both in the journalism field. I am the last remaining member of my family (over an 80 years) to still be working at the TP. My brother is an AP reporter in Louisville. And I have Katrina to thank for developing my passion of running. It was during exile in Baton Rouge, that a group of us started running around the Lakes (to remove all of the food and alcohol we consumed, and stress relief of difficult working situation). That fall I ran my first half marathon (BR Beach), and I was hooked. I treasure some of my racing medals higher than the 2 Pulitzers Prizes the TP won which I was a part of that team. I display the racing medals, My replicas of the Pulitzers still sit in the box. And I am always looking for the next unique running challenge.

  2. running on faith at 1:19 PM #

    Keep it up. Just through your blogs and your tweets you have been such a great motivator to me!! But, wow, I think about this every day. I used to run to compete, then for fun, but now I realize that this sport is so much more than me just running and competing for myself. I have always said I have two passions in life: music and running. I am not musically talented but I too would love to find a way to get involved and give back to this sport!! I love being a mom, my part-time job, but I also would love to find a way too be more active and involved in this sport. Perhaps we should start planning the next big running venture in BR 🙂

  3. eattoruntoeat at 5:18 PM #

    I know running is my passion and I’m actually getting out of my field (journalism) to go back to school. But if I could run and eat and get paid for it, I’d be all over that one.

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