Today was memorable…for no reason at all.

4 Jun

Today has been an awesome day. Today was one of those days that was so delightfully and unexpectedly fun that I don’t want to forget it. It was one of those days that I want to soak up and make a good memory of so that when Nugget gets here, I can tell him about fun days his/her mom and dad had “back in the day.” I want Nugget to know that we spent time together, talked to him/her, and relaxed and talked about what things would be like when he/she arrived.

We “slept in” until 7:00AM! My normal day starts out at 5:00AM so catching a couple extra hours of sleep can really make a difference. We started out the day with a nice run before it got too hot. Since I’m running more slowly these days and Brent is still nursing an IT band injury, we decided to do a 4:00 minute jog/1:00 minute walk. We did that for the first 30:00 and then after that we just walked back to the house. Overall, we did 3.0 miles in 40:04. Certainly not the speed I’m used to going, but these days, I am just trying to focus on staying active, not necessarily being the fastest.

After the run, we made a quick breakfast. I had a banana before the run, so for breakfast, I cut up and apple and made toasted a slice of whole wheat bread. Of course I had to add a little goodness to the toast, so I topped it with Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Co. (If you haven’t tried this stuff, you are missing out! We also like The Bees Knees by Peanut Butter & Co. Its all-natural peanut butter with honey mixed in it. YUM!)

Once we showered and got dressed, we headed over to Babies R Us to start our registry for Nugget. There is so much to think about and I think I got a little overwhelmed. After about an hour, Brent and I had made enough big decisions and decided to call it a day there.

For lunch, we stopped in Five Guys Burgers and Fries. And, c’mon, it was Five Guys. It was delicious! I had the little bacon cheeseburger and we (Brent, my mom, and I) split an order of fries. It was heaven on a plate!!

Though delicious, the food (combined with the 100 degree heat) quickly sent us into a food coma and we all decided it was nap time. 🙂

We all snuggle down on couches in the living room, but I just could not manage to fall asleep. I rested for a little while but then decided I wanted to get a quick swim in. I only had a little while to get to Women’s Fitness Center before it closed, but I figured a quick swim was better than no swim. I swam 800m (200m x swim, 200m x kick, 200m x pull, 200m x swim) in right under half an hour.

Right when I got home, Brent was starting to wake up and we decided to sit out on the porch for a little bit. All of a sudden, a monsoon was upon! Seriously, it was windy, the sky got dark and it was POURING! We sat in the swing with our pup in our laps and watched the rain. It was really, really nice.

As we sat there, I closed my eyes and thought how nice it was to sit and swing, with my head on my husband’s shoulder, pet my doggy, and just listen to the rain hit the metal roof of the porch. We stay so busy and on-the-go, that quiet, relaxing times like this are a welcome respite.

Sorry its grainy...taken with the iPad 2 🙂

Unfortunately, the rain was so bad that it knocked the power out. It was kind of early and we didn’t really want to sit in the dark all night, so what did we decide to do? Go play at Whole Foods, of course! I could literally spend HOURS in Whole Foods and since I needed a few things anyway, it seemed like a good plan. I threw on some make up in the dark and off we went. As usual, we spent too much money on things we probably didn’t REALLY need but all the goodies look tasty, so I am okay with it. 🙂

Now we’re back at home, about to make some dinner and watch a movie. I recently bought Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey so maybe we will watch that. Overall, today has been awesome. To some, it might seem uneventful, but I’ve enjoyed spending quality time with my husband, just going with the flow today, and having no plan. After Nugget arrives, things will be different so I’m embracing these days as I get them.

Happy Saturday!

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