Weekend Update

15 May

The title of this post makes reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit. 🙂

Friday was a really great day. I got up early and hit the LSU lakes. I really love my off Fridays. Getting in morning runs the best and I so rarely get the chance to go running then. I ran both lakes plus some for a total of 6.01 miles in 64 minutes or so. It was a little overcast and misty…which makes for my fave running weather.

After my run, Brent and I drove over to McComb, MS to visit my grandmother for her 92nd birthday. My grandmother is amazing. She still lives on her own and takes care of herself. She works in her garden and swims in her pool almost everyday. She doesn’t take one prescription. Seriously, I hope I’m HALF as healthy as she is when I’m her age.

She made us a delicious lunch and gave me some really special things. One of those things was my father’s baby book. My father passed away when I was young and seeing his baby book was really wonderful. I really wish my dad could be here to see Baby Key when he or she arrives, but I know he will be looking down on our little family.

On Saturday morning I got up and attempted a run. I got about 3/4 of a mile out and my stomach started killing me. I just have to remember that I no longer dictate when and where I will be ready for exercise…Baby Key does. So, after 1.5 miles in 16:40, I had had enough. Frustrated, I went home and got ready for my niece’s First Communion.

Driving down to New Orleans, Brent and I were amazed at how high the water in the basin was. Opening the spillway to relieve the pressure off the rising Mississippi River has made the water super choppy and really dirty. I have never seen the water so high.

The morning spent with my niece and the rest of the family was fun. After the Communion ceremony, we went and ate pizza at Mark Twain’s. Well, the kids ate pizza. All the “big kids” got po-boys and they were delicious! Getting up early, running, the hectic morning, and the super yummy lunch knocked me OUT! I slept the whole way back.

The mid-afternoon nap must have been just what the doctor ordered, because right when I got home I got the urge to go swimming. I went to the pool and swam 2000m in about an hour. I know that’s super slow, but for my 3rd official swim workout ever (1st with no coach), and, considering the workout from my coach only called for 1500m, I’ll take it.

Today has been a bust as far as exercise. I’m not feeling too guilty though since, according to my Hal Higdon intermediate half marathon training plan, it’s a Stretch and Strengthen day. That, I can handle!

Looking forward to my swim class tomorrow morning!

4 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. running on faith at 1:53 PM #

    It sounds like your swimming is going well! I think I am going to volunteer at the Rocketchix in July so if you decide to participate let me know so I can cheer for you!

    On a random note….my great aunt lives in McComb, MS. She is practically my grandmother since my grandmother passed away when my mom was young. Small world 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 1:59 PM #

      It IS going well, thank you! I still have so much to learn and it certainly does not come as naturally to me as running and cycling, but I’m still enjoying it! I will definitely be participating in the Rocketchix! I expect a big sign, pom poms, and a cowbell from you…nothing less! I kid, I kid… 🙂

      Really? Where does she live (if you don’t mind my asking)? McComb is SUCH a small place…who knows…we might be related!! Ha! My grandmother lives out on Highway 98 East…near Weaver Road.

  2. running on faith at 12:04 PM #

    yes, I am looking forward to cheering the athletes on at rocketchix in july!!! hmm….maybe i have time to track down a cowbell 🙂

    anyway, my aunt lives of hwy 570. her address is actually summit, ms but mccomb/summit are close! They have lots of acreage and we spent many summers there as kids fishing, baking pies, hiking, and exploring in the woods!!

  3. Rachel at 3:05 AM #

    White Flower Oil (http://embrocation.50webs.com) was introduced to me by my mother. During one of my headaches, she gave me this tiny bottle of oil and told me to massage it on my temples and forehead. Amazingly, it worked! Somehow the oil penetrates into the affected area and relieves the pain.

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