Groups Doing Good: Tour du Rouge

6 May

After pulling myself out of this morning’s no-swim-class funk, I decided to head into work for a little bit. I was almost to the plant, and who did I spy on the side of the road?? The Tour du Rouge cyclists! What a treat!

Tour du Rouge, Day 6

The guy in the front is going about his business, the guy in the back is calling out commands, and the guy in the middle? I think he’s more concerned with the crazy lady on the side of the road (out in the boonies, no less) taking pictures of them and yelling, “Woo hoo! Great cause, guys! Ride well!” Yep, that’s me. 🙂

The Tour du Rouge is a VERY important ride for charity. It helps raise funds to support Red Cross chapters in the Gulf Coast region (from Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA). In the last several years, the Gulf Coast has taken a beating from hurricanes and other natural disasters. Raising funds and awareness for the Red Cross will provide emergency assistance and aid to countless families during these times. If you have ever been a victim of a natural disaster or other emergency and have received clean clothes and a helping hand from the Red Cross, then you know just how much their services are needed and appreciated.

I happened to catch the riders on Day 6 (the final day) of their journey. Today, they were riding from Gonzales, LA to New Orleans, LA and today’s ride was a total of 79 miles. So far, they have raised $214,717.30! Amazing job, guys!! If you are interested in donating, please do so by supporting a rider!

Yep, I'm still stalking them...

Tour de Rouge cyclists almost to NOLA!

I’m hoping I can join them for this ride one day! I would definitely need a new bike first, but it if I could work that out, I’d be super honored to get in for a day of the ride! Keep up the great work, Tour du Rouge!

2011 Tour du Rouge Team

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