Two-A-Days, Babies, and a Triathlon!

1 May

So much has happened in the last few days and I totally feel like I am in GO mode. It’s okay though. I suppose with a baby on the way, I had better get used to it. 🙂

On Friday, I headed out to the lakes for what I had planned to be a 10 mile run (two laps around the LSU lakes). At the end of lap one I was feeling really dehydrated and just felt like I couldn’t push it. So, in my first run of the day, I got 4.92 miles in. I headed home, got something to eat, rested, and, determined to hit my 10 mile goal, went back out to the lakes for Round 2. Being later in the day and hotter, I made sure to wear a hat and carry my handheld Camelbak bottle. About 1.6 miles in, I got the worst side cramps I’ve had in AGES. Trying to be smart about my run, I started heading back towards the car. The cramps got worse and I nearly crawled my last mile. Overall for the day, I managed to get in 8.16 miles. Not the 10 miles I had hoped for, but that’s okay. I’m still not sure if the cramps were heat-induced or if it was Baby Key telling me to slow down, but either way, slower I went.

Saturday was tons of fun as mom and I went to Woman’s Hospital to attend the Baby Grand Expo.

Me and Momsicle!

Me and Momsicle!

We learned so much and by the time we left, I felt like I was totally on baby info overload! They had great vendors, super informative classes, prenatal yoga lessons, and a maternity fashion show. At the end, they gave away TONS of door prizes…unfortunately, it wasn’t my lucky day. No worries though. We still had a great time!

After the Baby Grand Expo, I went over to Women’s Fitness Center to help out with the Rocketchix Triathlon packet pick-up. Seeing all the triathletes coming in was fun. Some were newbies with visible nerves and lots of questions, while others were seasoned tri-ers exuding confidence! Everyone who came in though seemed excited though!

This morning started pretty early for me. I headed over to the LSU Natatorium at 5:15AM to volunteer for Rocketchix. Upon arrival, I was asked to help with handing out the chips for timing. I ended up being paired with another one of my #RunLA Tweeps, @BigBadBoggs, which made the morning super lively and fun! He was a dancing machine and really helped get the ladies smiling!

Overall, 400+ ladies showed up for today’s big event! The weather was nice and the temperature didn’t seem as hot as it had been the last few days. Unfortunately, the Mississippi River levee started leaking near Farr Park and the Army Corps of Engineers had to start sandbagging part of the route. This cut the bike portion down from 12 miles to 5 miles. Some participants were a little disappointed since they had trained for the full distance, but most of the ladies seemed to understand that sometimes these things can’t be helped.

The finishers area was jumping! All of the finishers were smiling, dancing, and reuniting with friends, teammates, and family members. I was really happy to see that most of the finishers were even running across the finish line with smiles on their faces! One of the teams, Steel MagNOLAS, did a fantastic job of showing their spirit and cheering their teammates all along the way!

Steel MagNOLAS!

Steel MagNOLAS looking awesome!

There was great representation by The Louisiana Marathon and the Gulf Coast Half Marathon! (Joe Relaxo was even there and I missed him. Boo!) I’m super excited about these events and will definitely be doing the Gulf Coast Half Marathon. As much as I like to think I’d be ready for the full marathon so quickly after Baby Key in November, I’m thinking I’ll still only be half marathon ready by January 2012. We’ll see, though!

For the rest of the pics from the Rocketchix Triathlon, click the picture below!

Rocketchix Racers!

Rocketchix Racers!

Okay, kids…it’s been a long day and this Mama Bear needs to get some rest!

Happy running, y’all!

6 Responses to “Two-A-Days, Babies, and a Triathlon!”

  1. Thanks for the Twitter! The baby expo sounds fun! Congratulations on the Baby-to-be! I can’t wait to meet my little one! 🙂 It sounds like you live about an hour from where I use to live in Texas! 🙂 (I got that from you talking about LSU). Small word! haha 🙂 Oh and when I was still running (when I didn’t know I was pregnant) I had the worst leg cramps ever! That’s how I could tell something was different. It was the weirdest thing! 🙂

    • katieRUNSthis at 9:39 AM #

      Thanks for dropping by! Are you still running at all now? If not, how do you handle that? I’m afraid I’ll get to a point where my head and heart wants to pound the pavement, but my body is saying NO WAY! 🙂

      • No, unfortunately I had to stop because of 2 previous miscarriages. I had only started running 4 months before I got pregnant this time. I had actually started running after my first miscarriage, trying to get in shape for having a baby, then had another miscarriage….then got pregnant for the third time! I probably could have kept running, but I scared myself out of it. Since you have been running so long, you should be fine well into your second, maybe even the third trimester! I just walk now…I miss running tremendously, but I know my body can’t handle it right now…Just looking forward to using that jogging stroller!!! 🙂

      • btw…Have you heard of the Gusher Half Marathon in Beaumont, Texas? It’s not that far from you…but I was thinking about that as my first half after the baby! It’s in March and fairly new (It will be the 3rd year), but I figured a low key half would be good for my first…Plus it’s in my hometown and I would have grandparents to watch my little one! 🙂

  2. katieRUNSthis at 10:17 AM #

    I haven’t heard of that one, but I’ll definitely look into it! Beaumont isn’t far away from Baton Rouge at all (just a few hours)! Who knows, I might be joining you in March! Fun! I’ll check it out!!


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