2011 Crescent City Classic 10k

25 Apr

Okay, so I’m not a slacker. I promise.

I left Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans on Saturday morning with every intention to immediately find a wi-fi hotspot, write my blog, and post my pics from the race. But, this pregnancy fatigue completely got the best of me. I’m really having a hard time getting used to it. Before, I could knock out a 10k and then go ride my bike, do some laundry, hit up the grocery store, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Apparently, by Sunday my pregnancy fatigue graduated to full-on pregnancy narcolepsy because I felt like a total ZOMBIE. Seriously, it was all I could do to make it through Sunday School and Easter service. I may have even caught a few zzz’s mid-service (please don’t tell on me). 

Alas, here is my race recap. Ready for it? It’s long. 🙂 Here we go, kids.

Brent and I started our morning at 5:00AM and (amazingly) managed to get dressed, car packed, and moving by 5:30AM. Mr. Key is not exactly an early morning person, so I was VERY impressed with his “up and at ‘em” spirit this morning.

We made it into the Crescent City around 7:00AM (we stopped for breakfast, of course) and parked near the finish of the race at Delgado Community College. This was the exact same set up as the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon back in February, so we were in familiar territory. After we parked, we started making our way toward the shuttles.

This is where I noticed all these people pulling out money. I thought, “Oh, this is going to suck because I KNOW we have no change on us.” And then I hear a guy standing on a bench yelling that the FREE shuttles were only a block farther down. Surprisingly, even after hearing this, people still stood in the PAY shuttle line. Hey people, I’m sorry, but in case no one clued you in, you’re here to run a 10k. Use the ol’ noggin and walk the extra block to hop on the FREE shuttle!

The line for the shuttle moved super fast and before I knew it, I was on the bus and headed to the Quarter. We got dropped off about half a mile from the start, which made for a nice little warm up. Right as I made my way to the starting line I realize I had to pee…BADLY. Perfect timing, right? I look over to the port-a-pottys and realize the line is practically around the block. Awesome. Thinking on my feet, I remembered walking past a bar that had people in the windows just up the street. (That’s right, a bar was open at 8:00AM. It’s New Orleans, no big deal.) I strolled down the street and was able to walk right on in and do my business. Not that it was all that much better than the port-a-potty, but it flushed and I could wash my hands (BONUS!). Back to the starting line.

The corral area was madness. Seriously, people were EVERYWHERE. I tried to find my other #RunLA peeps, but no one could get a signal. It was so hot while I was waiting, I ended up drinking all of my sports drink before the race even started. This sort of bummed me out because my doctor said its important that I drink a lot of sports drink during my races. I thought for sure my 12oz Amphipod would be enough, and I’m sure it would have been, had I not been standing around in temperatures hotter than the face of the sun for an hour.

Runners at the start line!

Runners at the start line!

Shortly after 8:30AM, me and my 22,000 new running buddies started making our shuffle to the start of the race. We started right in front of Jackson Square. Though this is a bad picture, I really love Jackson Square. This is where Mr. Key and I were married last year.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Let me just say this. The Crescent City Classic is NOT a race you run if you’re looking to set a PR. There are just too many people. Plus, it really is more of a booze cruise than a “race”. No matter how early you line up, you WILL find yourself behind a stroller-pushin’ soccer mom (or ten) who has never run a day in her life and doesn’t think to line up BEHIND the people who look like regular runners. However, I digress…

Since most people weren’t lined up properly, the whole first mile was the “start line shuffle”. With all those people, it took at least that long for the pack to sort of thin out and runners to settle into their grooves. I didn’t mind it though, as I was taking my time on this race anyway.

Overall, the route was really nice and I enjoyed that there were a lot of portions that were shaded. The first couple miles in the French Quarter was fun. I really liked the straight shot of mile 4 down Esplanade. Easy run and nice scenery!

At the Claiborne overpass, one of my fave New Orleans party bands, The Bucktown All-Stars, were cranking out some tunes for the runners. My friend, Ryan Thibodaux, plays the trumpet, and my brother, Mike, and sister-in-law, Mayda, are Hotsteppas! It was so fun seeing them and I visited with them for a few minutes before running on. I was tempted by one of those yummy looking Hubig’s pies (a NOLA staple), but the thought of downing a lemon pasty and then running another few miles wasn’t really appealing.

The Bucktown All-Stars

The Bucktown All-Stars

Hotsteppa Flag Girl

Hotsteppa Flag Girl

The last mile or so of the races was exactly the same as the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon, so once I made the turn and started heading down the mall area, I knew I was almost done. At this point, you should have seen how many people looked like they were about to just keel over! YIKES!

The finish line was big and there were lots of photographers from Marathon Foto taking pics. I’m sure mine will come out awful. I mean, really, who has a good “runners face?” The finishers area was packed and I really wish there had been better signage as to where the crowd was supposed to be going and where water was. Surprisingly, there really wasn’t much water right at the finish. Finally I found a lady handing out Gatorade and decided that would do the trick. Also, Brown’s Dairy was handing out chocolate milk, so I snagged one of those.

Recovering like a champ!

Recovering like a champ!

Normally, chocolate milk after a hot run would sound super nasty, but I recently read an article in Fitness Magazine that said it could actually help your body recover BETTER than a sports drink after exercise. So, I decided to give it a try. I haven’t had chocolate milk in years, and the jury is still out on if it helped me recover better, but it sure did taste good!

At the Finish Line Festival, I met up with my other #RunLA running peeps at the Varsity Sports banner. We ate (red beans and rice, jambalaya, Subway, etc.), we drank (water, Gatorade, chocolate milk, Abita beer, and champagne), and we partied. The band playing on the Times-Picayune stage was great and good times were had by all.



Overall, would I recommend this race for setting a PR? No way. However, would I recommend this race for having a crazy-good time with your running friends? HECK YES! Sign me up for next year! Especially if this dynamic duo promises to be there again… 😉



To see all of my pics from the 2011 Crescent City Classic, just click here!

Happy running, y’all!

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