Almost ready to “go live”?

18 Apr

**yawnstretchyawn** So, I’ve been working pretty hard on getting my blog ready to “go live”. I’m pretty excited about it and I can’t wait to share the things I know and like about running with the rest of the world! I finished the calendar and the music page, and, little by little, I’ll be adding pictures to the katieRANthis section. I hope you enjoy!

Happy’s Running Club last week was LOTS of fun! I even managed to drag my better half out there. Though he is more into cycling than running, he’s still a good sport and supports my obsessive running habit. I like that the Happy’s Running Club rotates a few routes so runners don’t get bored. Last week, I ran 3.1mi in about 32:30. Its not exactly a time I’m proud of, but this extra baby weight around the middle has really been slowing me down. Plus, its important for me to watch my heart rate, so if slower means my little Nugget stays healthy, than slower it is!

On Thursday, we ventured out to the Varsity Sports running group. It was a nice route. I always have fun running by the LSU lakes! We joined a new friend, Theresa Overby, for the 3.5mi route. The other route is 5.5mi but Brent and I weren’t feeling up to that long of a run. Maybe this week!

Anyway, in waaaaaaaay more exciting news, I got some ridiculous new shoes. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Saucony girl for life. My 2nd pair of Saucony Kinvaras kicked the bucket at the Gulf Coast Half Marathon. Since my center of gravity will be changing in the coming months, I thought it might be best to get a shoe with more stability. Meet the Saucony Fastwitch 5. Note: Extreme awesomeness to follow!

Saucony Kinvara

Out with the old...

Saucony Fastwitch 5 with the new!

I gave my new kicks their inaugural run on Saturday morning at the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. They must have been just what the doctor ordered because I did 3.1mi in 30:51. I’m fully aware that’s not a fast time by any stretch of the imagination, but its my fasted 5k in recent weeks, so I’ll take it.

On that note, I’ve been disappointed with my times lately and know I need to buckle down on my nutrition and run workouts. I’m officially getting back to it today! Tonight is a speed work night and I’m pretty excited about it. Sub-30 5k, I’m coming for you (AGAIN)!

Happy running, y’all!

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