Happy’s Running Club, Calendar, and More!

14 Apr

I have been SO busy getting this race calendar together! Whew! Talk about putting together a lot of information! I hope it will be helpful to you (my future readers). I know just making the list got me all excited about the fun events coming up this year! So many runs and races to do (both competitively and just for fun)!

This past Tuesday night, Brent and I ventured out to the Happy’s Running Club in downtown Baton Rouge. I really enjoyed it and it felt SO good to be around so many other runners again! I’ve missed it. It’s definitely A LOT larger than the SMRG (Saturday Morning Run Group) we had going in Greenville! The best part is, with so many runners, no one is really left behind. There is always at least one other person going your pace (or a little faster if you need someone to push you). Afterward, there was salad and pizza and the beer (and water) was a-flowin’! (You know this momma-to-be wasn’t having any of that beer, but the pizza was tasty!)

I didn’t do as well as I would have liked on the run, but c’est la vie. I’m having to adjust to this added baby weight slowing me down. It really has taken some getting used to. I’m used to being able to sustain a 9:00min/mi pace (okay, okay…I know that’s not “speedy” by any definition of the word, but its good for me), but I just feel SO slow now. On Tuesday evening I was able to do 3.05mi in about 32:30. *sigh* It’s okay…I’m not slow, I’m just pregnant. I’ve gotta keep telling myself that. 🙂

No run last night. I opted to attend a function with Brent at LSU. It was fun, but I missed getting outside for my run and some fresh air. Though I will say, the TCBY afterward was a nice treat.

We plan on giving the group run with Varsity Sports a whirl tonight and I’m excited! There are 3.5mi and 5.5mi loops. I plan on doing the 3.5mi loop with Brent, even though I REALLY want to do the 5.5mi loop. Who knows, maybe I’ll do it anyway. 😉


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